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Sydney, Australia. Ref: travellingboard.net

So, you’ve decided to come to Australia and want to visit at least one Australian City. Of course you could go with Sydney or Melbourne. But will they be the best ones for you?

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all Australian cities are the same – the same skyscrapers and the same grid system. But, really they are incredibly different.

You have to visit Sydney. It’s my home town so I am slightly biased! The harbour area with the Opera House, Bridge and the Rocks are hard to beat. To get the best view though, get on the ferry to Manly and gaze back at the harbour. It’s not all about the views though. You can visit interesting suburbs, sunbathe on its glorious beaches and shop in the boutique shops of Paddington.

Melbourne might not have the Sydney Harbour but it does have other charms. Exploring the lanes between the large buildings, are like Aladdin’s Caves. They are totally different and intriguing. It’s much more bohemian and European here in Melbourne with a real cafe culture. Some argue the food is better than Sydney. It’s debatable but for sure, it’s cheaper.

If you are into wine, then put Adelaide at the top of your Australian Cities list. Here you can access 3 great wine regions very easily. They are all within an hour or so of the centre of Adelaide. If you like your red wine to be BIG, then the Barossa Valley is the place for you. Best bit of advice I can give you, is don’t stay in the centre of Adelaide, stay in the seaside town of Glenelg instead which is just outside the city.

If you want to travel the road less traveled then head west to Perth in Western Australia. A great city with easy access to the Margaret River, another great wine region. It can get a little quiet in the city once the workers have headed home. So, why not stay in Fremantle instead. There is plenty to do and see and it’s a great base from which to explore nearby Perth and its beautiful beaches. Cottesloe Beach is my favourite.

Fancy a bit of Aboriginal Culture? Then head north to Darwin where you will find it in abundance. Visit in the dry season, between May and October, to get the most out of this area. Outside of these months it can be way too hot and very rainy. The best places to head to are Kakadu National Park and the Tiwi Islands, both a drive from Darwin.

If you want to do a road trip as part of your Australian holiday then head East and travel from Sydney to Noosa and go via Brisbane. Here it’s just a short trip to the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast but the city itself has some special sites that every traveler will enjoy.

Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed with any of the Australian Cities.

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