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Photo Puzzle. Ref:

Photo Puzzle. Ref:

Photo puzzles have become increasingly popular over the years and today many people buy them to turn their home photographs into souvenirs and gifts for family and friends.

Not only are various design and wording styles possible, but the overall quality of the finished product is now excellent. As people look to create more and more unusual designs and ideas, the photo jigsaw puzzle industry has grown to meet these demands.

Most people take hundreds of photos a year, but it’s normal for them to copied on to a computer and then to rarely be looked at again. It’s difficult to enjoy them in the same way. Enter the personalized photo puzzle. From your favourite photos, you can create a personalized photo puzzle that becomes a work of art.

This makes a unique gift or keepsake and an excellent way to record an event, occasion, family get together or holiday. It’s something that everyone, regardless of age, would be happy to receive.

While a single photo works well, families today are becoming increasingly more imaginative when it comes to creating personalized images. Using a variety of pictures to create a photo collage, which is what most people do, is the recommended approach. There are a couple of ways in which you can go about making such a collage.

The low tech way is to choose half a dozen or so of your favourite photographs, print them off and scatter them across a larger cardboard sheet, or even the carpet in your living room. Lay them out in order or just randomly scattered at different angles, slightly overlapping. Once you are happy with the layout, take a photo of the design from directly above. Though it may sound very basic, the final result is just what you need..

For something a bit more advanced, you can use your computer to achieve the same effect with your digital images. You can do this by downloading a free graphics program from the internet. Once such program is Google’s Picasso software which is free to download and allow you to create some great results.

Either way, it’s easy to create a personalized image that can be used to create a photo puzzle that is truly memorable and unique.

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