Pet Hates – by Perry & Terry

Perry & Terry's Pet-Hates

The Inevitable Happens. When two people meet up.
The stories get bigger and more unbelievable by the minute.
Then there’s the customary advice. “Why don’t you do this…”
The subject is, as always, the everyday ‘Niggles and Rituals’,
the ‘Pot-holes’ of our everyday existence, and the ‘Pet-Hates’
that feed our stress. Life doesn’t get any better than this!

When rising to face the day most of us are aware of the snares of getting through the next 24 hours. One thing is for certain, we are always ready for the legendary urban Pet Hates that litter our normal day.

The toothpaste being squeezed from the wrong end.
The toilet seat left up. Cars that won’t start.
The feeling in the pit of your stomach when a dentist calls your name.

We see the more common ‘Pet Hates’ coming and put them to one side. But what about those lesser known yet more provocative sideswipes that we encounter?

What is it that really gives us the ‘hump’? What makes us feel like we have been through a meat grinder at the close of the day? Could it be those sinister unexpected ironies of life that ambush us at every turn. The slippery little gremlins that sabotage our lives and hardly register in our brains but by bedtime have chewed us up one side and down the other!

Within these pages lie the secrets of what you will never ignore again in your quest to survive your environment.

At last a book to understand what it is that really ticks you off!

Get the Set. All your favourite PET-HATES and more.
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