Perry’s Cherokee Warrior Soup

Perry’s Cherokee Warrior Soup

For around 10 Tipi Dwellers

One gallon of water.

Five pounds of diced Venison or Beef (optional)

10 spring onions with chopped top leaves too

2lbs of peeled tomatoes.

2lbs of roughly diced potatoes.

2 large sweet potatoes or Swedes roughly chopped.

20 spears of fresh chopped asparagus/okra (Not woody)

6 cans of liquidized or mashed sweetcorn. (Do not drain water from can)

A celery plant chopped including top leaves too.

1 lb of green lentils.

4 cloves of garlic crushed with a tablespoon of capers.(a garlic press for both is useful)

2 chilli peppers finely chopped or tabasco or a chilli sauce otherwise used with discretion will do.

3 teaspoons of cracked pepper. Low sea salt to taste.

One half lemon or lime de-pipped.

Grated cheese

Freshly picked dandelion leaves

Food plan:

First Tip: If you decide to add meat lightly sear the meat first in a large wok or firepit pan. Boil lentils separately or until soft, rinse and drain. Now cook all ingredients altogether (except chilli and salt and pepper seasoning until last) in large cauldron over firepit and bring to boil. Simmer for 2-3 hours and serve with grated cheese and freshly chopped dandelion leaves to garnish.

Second Tip: 10 minutes before serving tightly wrap up some chunks of bread in foil with a knob of butter and throw in the firepit for something to dunk later! Don’t burn your fingers getting them out! Use tongs or a skewer and let cool before eating!

Third Tip: Thicken the soup by cooking longer to reduce down if need be. Conversely thin it by adding water. The vegetable soup when left thick and cold (or refrigerated) is a delicious snack with crackers or flatbreads/Pringles/chips to dip in later.

A Cherokee tribesman ready for battle after a bowl of his warrior soup!

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