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Most people think that at one time or another they would love to draw and or paint. Many too, think that they can’t and lack the confidence to even try. Art for some talented people is a natural born gift. Let’s face it some artists with no training are fantastic.

Some people are fastidious and are not satisfied with anything they may produce. Others wade straight in, enjoying every moment, with very good results.

You need to try different styles of painting and sketching and have fun with this. Do not make a trouble of this. Experiment and see where it leads you to. You may be surprised how your art turns out, this is often a good surprise. If it all goes wrong don’t curse, just see if you can rectify it somehow. You may love the final result.

Really we all need to make time for any hobby. This usually is something you can do to switch off if you like from our everyday stresses and strains. We can all do with a bit of time to ourselves. In this day and age this time is often hard to find but if we can it is really beneficial. A quiet place is ideal where you forget all about the time.

We all have to learn one way or another. A good way to get a confidence booster, is to join a local class where you join together with other beginners. Amongst other beginners you probably may feel more at home. It is good too, as you can discuss problems that may come up with them, both before, in and after the class time. Your teacher will probably encourage you to do this, and may even join you.

Really you need to study mixed styles of art and a very good way of doing this is to observe from others at exhibitions in local libraries, art galleries etc. Local artists display the type of work, in their chosen style like portraits for instance.

Personally I like to go from one thing to another, you learn as you go along. Painting is something you need to be in the mood for, although if you are stressed it can be soothing. It is gratifying when you paint from your imagination and see what transpires; but you may just stop and sketch something roughly on your travels, or even copy something that grabs you.

Surprisingly it is quite good to start with oils. In some ways this is easier to handle. If you do not find your painting satisfactory, paint over it and start all over again. Or simply scrape the paint off. There are so many art products available in different price ranges to encourage you. Ranging from wonderful pencils, crayons, pens, inks, water colors, to pastels and acrylics.

Enjoy painting with oils but you do need to bear in mind they take quite sometime to dry and can gather dust in the process. Canvas you will find is great for acrylics as it dries fairly fast. Bright colors stretch across it making it fun yet totally satisfying.

What do I like about them? Well, firstly their drying qualities, plus the fact that you can use them directly from the tube as well as the palette. Even better they are more or less ready to hang on the wall, so you can give them to anyone.

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