One Way Is Yoghurt for Long Health


Is it a myth that a long life is associated with yoghurt consumption or can it be backed by sound based medical studies? It does seem, according to current research, there is truth. However, ask how yoghurt is healthy? ? Do pay your attention to the quality of the yoghurt to get the most benefits from it to insure a healthy living lifestyle?

Basically yoghurt is fermented milk. The milk is altered by acid-producing bacteria. These bacteria ?eat? or feed on sugars. In milk, the simple sugar known as lactose is converted into lactic acid. Bacteria don?t only feed on lactose, milk sugar, but also alter other sugars and foods. When we over eat protein we supply more ?food? for the bacteria that oppose the acid-producing bacteria. Bacteria types build up an environment in the colon as they eat and ferment food, which favour their growth. It does help to support the acid-producing bacteria by giving them what they need to thrive. By eating high protein foods more we support the harmful and less desirable bacteria in our colon yet by eating higher carbohydrate foods with balanced protein intakes we support a health colon bacterial population.

We should realise that after a course of antibiotics it is a healthy policy to supply what was destroyed. Take in direct sources of highly populated live acid-producing bacteria supplements after antibiotic prescriptions; antibiotics means against life! While a general term to cover bacteria supplements is probiotics meaning pro life. Our colon houses various and numerous types of bacteria that all have their place to different degrees! Many billions of live bacteria are needed to re-establish or improve bacterial conditions in our colon. A viable supplement can supply this and regulation of contents needs rigorous attention and care to protect the consumers from poor contents and misguided claims.

Bacteria are needed in greater numbers due to their extremely minor size; we need those billions in dosages! Ideally plain, low-fat yoghurt with a guarantee of healthy live cultures or live bacteria is what we require for healthy living. Often to ensure that milk is safe from harmful pathogens, such as the tuberculosis bacteria, we process it before acid-producing bacteria are added! The threat of food poisoning can occur due to poor hygienic practices in the preparation of animal foods. To evade consumption of those pathogenic bacteria we need to wash all that is in contact with raw animal foods and heat the food to required levels. On the other hand bacteria that live in yoghurt have been shown to improve immune functions!

It means these bacteria may protect against auto-immune diseases, as well colds and flu from viruses. The history of live plain yoghurt in societies seems to have prolonged life in some areas of the world. Perhaps we should not mess around with a sound policy by adding flavours via flavourants and mixing in other odd preservatives and colourants. It is unhealthy to be mucking about with something that is healthy and natural. Know what you actually are feeding yourself by checking labels and the labels are hopefully complying with a quality guarantee by the manufacturer of the product.

Anastacia Sampson is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and freelance journalist,and lives in East London in South Africa. It is through consulting and advising the public on nutritional information that her health book has been published. Anastacia Sampson also runs a website,Healthy Living,where you will find information on her books.

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