One Of The Most Famous Cars – The Beetle

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As one of the most family orientated Cars the Volkswagen Beetle or Bug was first created in Germany. It has a familiar shape that is recognised all over the world. During 1938 to 2003 the Beetle was created.

Cars like the Beetle had a slowed down production rate during the Second World War. The wonderful name of the “Beetle” was not given to the cars until 1968 up until this point it was known as “Type 1”. The first time it was called the Beetle was in German brochures where it was called “DER KFER”. When the new Beetle was brought on to the market in 1998 the Beetle name was reintroduced.

The Second World War was tough on Germany, but that didn’t stop the production of the Beetle although it did slow its production. Eventually the new Beetle was introduced to the world and it was an instant hit.

The Beetle dates back in history to Nazi Germany in 1930. Adolf Hitler decided that he wanted to design a car that everyone could purchase. Through a government funded payment scheme regular citizens could afford to purchase the Beetle.

The unfortunate points of the new Beetle is that it is not spacious and the back of the car is quite cramped. A family would suit a bigger car compared to the Volkswagen Beetle. There is a wide range of Beetles available including the 1. 9TDL in 2005. The cons are that it has hardly any room in the back. The boot is tiny and is awkwardly designed with an old style interior.

It is currently available in many different colours. Some are striking like the bright greens or pinks. Some people decorate Beetles by carrying out decorations such as flowers on the paint work. Old style Beetles were popular for painting flowers on.

The Beetle’s trade mark shape that is round and funky is recognised the world over. Production has always been fast, apart from during the Second World War that had a bad effect on Germany. However through perseverance the Beetle did eventually get re-released. The Beetle was named in 1968 because until this time it was known only as “Type 1”. It was when Germany released brochures displaying the name “Der KFER” that the Beetle was named. It is hard to believe how far and fast the Beetle has grown and it still has its presence in the world today.

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