On Site Cross Linking: Why It Matters For Your Website

Links are powerful weapons in the SEO warfare. Links, whether external or internal, complement the SEO picture.

Over the years, many optimisers have utilised a wide array of link building strategies to realise higher rankings for their websites. But is there a formula that works? Unfortunately, not many companies would care to share their secret recipe for success.

It has been said that effective link building approach should serve both have internal and external functions. Relying solely on external linking strategies might not make your SEO scheme stand upright, especially when the other support, in the form of internal linking of course, is missing.

If you want to have a linking strategy that formulates a dominant impact, then might as well complement your external linking strategies with onsite cross linking methods.

SEO Purpose Of Onsite Cross Linking

What is cross linking? Cross linking is simply an act of linking certain pages of your website to other relevant pages within your site. Cross linking can be of great help to your site’s PageRank, especially when you know how to use these internal links to your advantage. Read some benefits of using cross links for your website:

Cross linking provides great value to your site.

First, internal links help you obtain better page views. When you link certain pages of your website to other equally important pages, you do two things: first, promote other pages of your site and second, aid your readers in finding other content sources that may be of interest to them.

With cross linking, you can expect better page views for your site and fantastic navigational experiences for your users.

Another advantage of cross linking is that it guides search engine crawlers better. Do not fret if bots or spiders fail to index your site comprehensively. Using internal linking enables the bots to crawl your text links and follow hyperlinks for better indexing.

Consider Internal Linking As Part Of SEO Strategy If It Offers Value To Users

Cross linking is truly an effective SEO strategy, if and only if you do it the right way. Do it from the user’s perspective, and never ever stuff your site with links.


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