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Here they are! Your FREE business directory link set 9K_Directory_List (1)

Backlinks? Inward? Outward? Reciprocal? Backlink building? Outsourcing? Pinging? Business directories? Which?

Manual hookups with directories means some work but pays off better than reciprocal or pinging!

Pinging is a lazy way but great to stimulate your presence but only some links stick to the wall. Like knocking on a door and then running away. It will not work without fresh content before you ping.

Even when you do find other sites that are willing to exchange links there is no guarantee that your link will end up on a relevantly optimized page. Tried posting to free Directories and still waiting months down the track for your link to be published here is a way to get guaranteed relevant inward one way links.
Most web masters have realized that exchanging reciprocal links is not as effective as it used to be. Most of the major search engines give a lower rating for a reciprocal link than they do for a one-way link. So how do you go about getting quality inward links for your home based business site. We have all heard of the ABC format of exchanging links many Seo sites will tell you how this is done. What they don’t tell you is where to go to get these links.
If your Businesses site relies on Search engine traffic as opposed to other forms like pay per click or opt mail lists then getting inward one-way links is paramount to your Businesses success. Even if your Website pages have been finely honed to achieve the maximum benefits of Search engine optimization with out good quality relevant links you have very little hope of showing up on the first page of the results returned unless you have a low competition set of keywords in which case you’ll still want to have a linking campaign there are over one million new domains added to the Web everyday and without quality links its only a matter of time before competitors arrive and knock you off your perch.
So what are the options? There are many sites that cater to getting inward links for webmasters some require payment for their services other require you post a link back to them. The danger of doing this is you have no control where your link ends up or if the Search engines class the provider as a link farm.
Here is a way that is easy to set up that will guarantee all links you get are one way to your site and will encourage other webmasters to link back to you and all the relevant sites you link to.
Create your own Business Directory (9000 links supplied above) on a Subdomain of your website. Subdomains are treated as individual websites by search engines so by you posting your link to other sites on your Directory and they posting their links to your main site in their site you both have achieved a one way link. Now by optimizing the pages in your Subdomain for linking categories e.g., Directory links, article links, your relevant business keywords etc and posting in links from all your sites and Blogs to your directory there is a benefit for other webmasters to exchange links with you as your pr and link rankings will flow through to these links.
Here is a quick tip for seeing future back links on Google (Google can take months to update backlinks) for sites you are considering exchanging links rather than typing in the search field link: the url ,  type site to url. If you have a site that is relevant to home business or home based opportunities don’t forget to post your link in our directory list.



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