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Microsoft’s Bill Gates once wrote that “content is king,” and he has been quoted relentlessly ever since. It is certainly true that articles represent the bedrock of the Internet, as people turn in increasing numbers to the Web for answers to their questions.

Consider your article writing techniques — there are a variety. Fundamentally, the finished work must be “readable,” which means that it must make sense, not be composed just to incorporate a set number of key words, must be enjoyable to read and educational or entertaining.

There are a large variety of different article writing techniques and it is largely a matter of choice. The author could opt to write a “how-to” style, a “top 10” approach, compose a piece around a bulleted list or write a straightforward article.

We are learning that the search engines value appropriate content. They use a process similar to latent semantic indexing to gauge whether the body of the article actually relates to the keywords found in its title. In other words, secondary keywords should appear throughout the article, which the search engine compares against its comprehensive database for relevancy.

Fundamentally, an article should consist of 5 to 8 paragraphs and be about 500 words long. This is a standard format for articles found throughout the Internet. When composing an article, the lead paragraph should give the reader an idea of the overall content, the following 3 to 5 paragraphs should enlarge on a particular point — one point per paragraph – and the closing paragraph should sum up the entire piece.

While different authors will have very different article writing techniques, all should follow the best practices expected. Never slant an article from a sales approach, as this is typically frowned upon. Although a majority of websites have a commercial purpose and the content therein could be judged as well, there is a time and a place for such a pitch and good writers will know that content quality is foremost.

When looking at structure from an SEO perspective, remember that secondary, LSI — type keywords must back up your prime words. Content experts will not need to worry about this element, as they will naturally form an article containing such content.

Search engines are sure to put ever more focus on quality content and webmasters who are just trying to optimize and not provide value will suffer. You must focus on your article writing techniques and realize that the demand for well written material is likely to grow exponentially.

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