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Niche Social Media Blogging Platforms

Exploring the social media blogging platform know as Tumblr I was very surprised to see the amount and level of adult material which was being shared around by the kids.

Tumblr was recently bought out by Yahoo and will go under a full clean up to make it a more child friendly so that it can be Yahoo’s equivalent of Facebook. However at the moment it is still full of the stuff and depending on who you follow you can still without warning suddenly find some surprising images in your newsfeed.

As you know people are using these social media networks to drive traffic back to their websites but with networks like Tumblr and Twitter, which is equally as seedy, those with more adult orientated websites and businesses are also able to share their content looking for new traffic.

I thought I would spend some time looking into the seedier side of networks like Tumblr and Twitter which then led me to look at one specific membership site which got me thinking. (Yes only thinking)

Now before you panic and think the idea of today’s post is about setting up an adult site or getting involved in something you might deem unsavoury let me reassure you that it is not. What I want to discuss is the power of offering a narrowed down niche and how little you actually need to produce content wise to make a nice monthly income.

I shall not name names or give links to websites but one such website I found was set up by a couple, they were boyfriend and girlfriend as well as business partners. He was a professional photographer and video editor and she was a model and adult film star but not in the traditional sense.

He took the pictures and videos and they were both the main stars, they were home based adult film stars. Their narrowed down niche was… ahemm… how do I say this… she would perform a certain act and he enjoyed said act and that was it. They made videos and pictures of the said act which lasted no longer than 5 minutes usually.

Now what really got me thinking was what they were charging people to access their site and how much new stuff they were adding each month. I didn’t join by the way; I could easily work it out as they had an update page which was visible to the public and they would send people to it via sites like Tumblr and Twitter by sharing heavily edited 60 second teaser videos.

This update page showed all of the past updates of previous months and it showed that each month they would ‘at most’ post one short video a week and one set of images from that same ‘session/video’. Some months it was just a video one week and then images the following week so that was a grand total of 2 videos a month and 2 photo sets.

Please bear in mind these videos are around 5 minutes long so it is fair to say that even with the setting up of cameras and editing it wasn’t a lot of work that took long to complete. Also this is not an industry where they learn new skills which they can use to make money; no this is all about titillation and tissues and nothing more.

This couple were selling 3 types of membership packages

1. $31.99 USD for 1 month (recurring – $27.99 every month after that)

2. $79.99 USD for 3 months (non-recurring)

3. $99.99 USD for 6 months (non-recurring)

So what I want to get across here is that the men and women who were paying these membership fees to get access to a site that produced very little new stuff each month really enjoyed what they were getting. This was a niche they loved and they were willing to pay to be part of it, to get more ‘of the same’.

So with that in mind, if you can think of… or know of a niche that is pretty narrowed down then you might be surprised how many people are willing to pay to access the content. When I say narrowed down niche I mean something like this… (An example)

Music > Dance Music > Electronica > Acid House > Chicago Acid House

A website about music is so broad and trying to create content to keep everyone happy is going to be tough but if you find just a few hundred people who were interested in Chicago Acid House then it is possible that some of them will be happy to pay to access content related to that niche.

(Please note the above is just an example on how to narrow down a niche, there is so much free music online these days getting people to join a site dedicated to something that is over 25 years old could be tough so please don’t all rush out to start a Chicago Acid House membership site)

There is however, a HUGE amount of people who love various styles of food and cooking, Yoga, exercise, religion, gardening and so much more which is relevant to today. You could narrow down those niches to something specific like cooking Mexican food or growing indoor plants.

Looking at the example from the couple’s home run adult membership site, you do not need to add a lot of content for people to be happy and continue to pay each month. Imagine having 100 people pay you $20 a month for a series of short videos or articles on a niche or hobby they really love. If those videos took no longer than 30 minutes to make and upload, wouldn’t that $200 or more each month be worth it?

Again the figures I use as examples are relatively low, there is no reason that you could not have a site that has paying subscribers up in the thousands, it would depend on many factors such as quality of membership, the niche topic, the price and how you get your site out in front of the masses.

Sometimes we fear starting something new because we think we cannot produce enough quality content when it appears, at times, just a little is more than enough.

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