New Facebook Ads Know What You Like

Facebook is clearly one of the biggest social media outlets on the Internet today. When it began, it was much simpler and had many less users as well as less features. It was essentially just a wall you could write on and pictures. You had to be a student to get an account and the Facebook ads were much more broad and for everyone that went on the site.

Facebook ads have progressed in a weird way. Recently, people have been talking about how the ads seem to be very specific for them. It is obvious now that from what you put on Facebook or who and what you are connected to affects what ads are given to you.

The way that they read everything that you post is a little odd. The fact that they know what you like or do not like and send you personalized ads is a weird thing to think about. It is almost like Facebook is stalking you and trying to find things that you like.

But, this new way that they use ads is very useful for them. It makes you much more likely to click on an ad if it is more appropriate for your situation. Things that are not applicable to you at all, you will never even think to click on. At least there is a slight chance that someone would click on something they enjoy in real life. Marketing companies like fishbat Inc., also use these to help their company.

Even with this system, there are still some flaws with it. You do not always get appropriate ads even if you are fairly consistent with how you post and what you like. I still do not get ads that make any sense to my particular situation. I am fairly certain I have never talked about my undying love for all that is salad, and yet somehow I still get a salad delivery ad on a consistent basis.

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