Need An affordable Phone For Text Messaging?

Samsung SGH-A177. Ref:

Smartphones these days can do almost anything. One can bet that a state of the art phone is going to cost a pretty penny. For those with limited funds they might have trouble finding a passable phone. But the Samsung SGH-A177 has just been released. Its an affordable phone with an amazing full QWERTY keyboard allowing for easy messaging.

The Samsung SGH-A177 is of a simply design. There is no flip or slider compartment. It is a regular rectangular phone. The phone is very comfortable to hold and fits neatly in a pocket. Unfortunately the plastic casing doesn’t feel very sturdy. If you plan on buying this phone purchase a rubber skin case for a safety measure. One of the best features found on this phone is the very well designed full QWERTY keyboard. The buttons are raised slightly and even make a distinct click noise when pushed. The amazing keyboard found on this phone made typing out long messages simple and easy. The screen found on the phone is quite small. Although its very bright, photos and games wont look very good when compared to the standard put up by other high end phones.

The list of features found on this phone is quite small. The only notable additions are the camera, the instant messaging applications and being Bluetooth enabled. Both the Bluetooth functions and the instant messaging work great, but the camera seems like it was added on last minute. Even though it offers a wide selection of image capture options the images themselves are sub par.

The phones performance could use some improvements. The speakerphone was an utter disappointment. The volume is very inconsistent. Calls sound extremely low, when the volume is adjusted to compensate the voices on the other end sound extremely distorted. When not in speaker mode the microphone can pick up quite a bit of background noise. If you are located in a loud area the person you are talking to will have a hard time trying to understand and hear you.

The Samsung SGH-A177 clearly is not a phone for everyone. If you wont miss watching videos, and surfing the web then consider buying this phone. But be cautious because the phones call performance is not that great.

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