The Myths About Team Building

Team BuildingMyths About Team Building

You will find loads of myths that individuals have about team development. You will find many team development ideas, but not every one of them become effective in achieving their reasons due to these myths. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about what team development is not.

Team building is not all about having fun. A lot of employees are looking forward to team building sessions because they feel like they are going on a vacation. Some companies hold them in beaches and other popular attractions. Therefore, some people think that the time is being wasted. According to past surveys, a large percentage of employees feel that team building becomes a pity party and a delay. People vent out their frustrations on work however they go back to the real world not long after. Some people also feel like they have wasted the time they should have used in completing tasks. Therefore, every team leader has to explain to the members exactly what the team building activities mean and want to achieve. This way, employees will not see it as a mere waste of time.

Team building will not instantly yield to teamwork. Do not be disappointed and disheartened if your team did not become very productive after the activity. It does not work that way. The event just helps them become comfortable with each other. However, it will never guarantee that they will work better as a team. Do not worry though because the process really does take time. You need to do it several times with the right set of activities in order to help your employees work individually as a group in a more productive manner. You need to invest in them. You will realize in time that your efforts will be paid off especially if they become very intact.

Team building is not a competition. Lots of games require some people to compete with each other for a specific prize during events. Although each game attempts to teach a core value, not all people may see it this way. Some may see it as a venue for competition. Therefore, you should be very careful about choosing the activities you are going to include in a team building. You should explain to your members carefully the goals of the game. If too much competition is striking out, you should know when to mediate and meddle.

The main purpose of having team building exercises is to teach each member of the team important values. Some activities will improve trust. Some will help the members be more creative. Some will hone problem-solving skills. Some will yield to better communication and relationship. Team building is meant to have a positive effect on the members. If not, then you are doing something wrong and you need to realize what it is. You should also remember that building the best team is a process. You cannot weave the ultimate team with the ultimate teamwork with just a one-time event. You should be committed to the goal and the members.

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