How Much Is A Keyword Actually Worth To You?

How Much Is A Keyword Actually Worth To You?

keyword research for social-media marketingKeyword evaluation is the process of estimating the worth of a specific keyword.

Keyword research is one of the fundamentals to any SEO campaign.

When creating a website or page, it must have a good keyword research foundation.

Keep in mind that when your keyword research fails, then the entire project is at high-risk for failure.

As part of keyword research, it is important that you do your keyword evaluation properly. By doing the keyword evaluation, you will have an idea of how much value a keyword can provide you.

Thankfully, keyword evaluation is not that difficult once you understand it. Below are the basic steps for obtaining the estimated value of a keyword.

1. You must obtain the estimated monthly search number of a keyword. Let’s say its 10,000 searches a month.

2. Determine how much traffic you can get if you rank number one. Industry standards usually set the number to 60%. Therefore, 60% of 10,000 is 6,000 visits.

3. Apply your estimated click through rate. Let’s say you have 60% click through. 60% of 6000 visits means that you will be sending 3,600 hits to the affiliate page.

Let’s say the affiliate page has a conversion rate of 5%. Then, 5% of 3,600 means you will be making 180 sales. If, for example, the offer gets you $20 each sale, then this means, 180 sales multiplied by $20, you can potentially earn $3,600 for that specific keyword.

After you have done this process, you now know the estimated value for that specific keyword.

Importance Of Keyword Evaluation
There are plenty of reasons why you want to evaluate the value of a certain keyword. However, the biggest reason is to help in your decision-making if a specific keyword is worth pursuing or not.

Keep in mind that when doing the process, there are a number of variables that you will need to consider before you can arrive at the keyword value. Each of the variables can vary, and the results would also vary drastically.

Some gurus tell you not to go for keywords with less than X number of monthly searches. This is a mistake. The only way to determine if a certain keyword is worth pursuing is through keyword evaluation.

For example, what if you have a keyword with only 100 searches. If you rank 1, you get traffic of 60 hits per month. For 60% CTR, you will be sending 36 hits to the page. A conversion rate of 5% means you will be making 1.8 sales. But what if one sale offers you $1,000? This means, that keyword is worth around $1,800 despite a low search volume.

Another example, what if you have 1,000 searches. Going through the same process and numbers, it would mean you will be making 18 sales. But this time, each offer is only $10. The value of that keyword is only $180 despite having a 1,000 search volume per month.

Last example, let’s say you have a keyword with 10,000 search volume per month. Going through the same process, but this time the conversion rate of the affiliate page is 10%. So again, 10,000 searches = 6,000 hits = 3,600 CTR. This time, conversion rate is 10%, so that means 360 sales, which translates to $7,200 (20$ per sale) value for that keyword.

Did you notice the big difference of a mere 5% additional conversion rate?

Keyword evaluation is the process of estimating the worth of a specific keyword. By doing so, you will have a general idea of how much value you could get from a specific keyword. Also, it will help you determine if the keyword is worth pursuing or not.

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