Moog And Digital Synthesizers

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Synthesizers have revolutionized the way musicians perform on stage. In the old days, they could only recreate sounds through outdated recording techniques. Today, they can generate thousands of notes and frequencies on stage by the touch of a button.

A synthesizer produces sound by doing just what it says it does: it “synthesizes.” It works by electronically combining different frequencies to produce thousands of different sounds.

It has the capability to manipulate various parameters of the built-in sounds. It is not that these are used only for techno sounds, these instruments contain many melody and percussion sounds as well. Thus it can produce multiple sounds at a time.

Elisha Gray developed the first known synthesizer in the late 1800s. However, he is probably more well known for his other inventions such as the telegraph and an early telephone. He was an electronics pioneer who was well ahead of his time and paved the way for a variety of modern inventions.

Robert Moog, a brilliant scientist with a doctorate in engineering physics, greatly improved upon the synthesizer in the mid 1900s. He spent his entire career developing electronic music devices and, for that, he is widely known today as the father of the modern synthesizer.

Earlier versions of the synthesizers used buttons, dials, and levers, but Moog’s invention was the first to be controlled with a piano keyboard. This technology would be developed further to create not only the electric pianos and keyboards found in stores today, but also guitar synthesizers.

With the invention of technology, early synthesizers were replaced by modern synthesizer. In the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s the voltage-controlled analogue synthesizer was standard. They were huge and occupied enough space. Now the digital synthesizer is being used which is a highly sophisticated instrument that can be transported easily and thus not occupy enough space.

A keyboard synthesizer is a piano alternative that creates sound through electrical currents which is still common among musicians. A software synthesizer, common among musicians, also known as a softsynth or virtual instrument is a computer program for digit audio generation. Saxophone-style synthesizer is also being used.

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