Mind Over Matter, Is It A Strange Myth?

Mind Over Matter. Ref: techbites.com

It’s difficult for some people to believe that they can change their circumstances to whatever they want. If you’re like most people, you would believe that your current lot in life is the one you are stuck with. What exactly is meant by ‘mind over matter’?

The truth is everything you have and all the things you would rather have are all mind over matter. Everyone on the planet has the capacity to master the principle of mind over matter, but you need to understand how to use your mind power to do it.

One of the ways you can develop using mind over matter is to practice turning all of your negative thoughts and beliefs into something positive. Take time to sit and think about what it means to control your life with your mind. Consider how everything in your life appears when you are happy. Think about a very content and peaceful time in your life. The bad things in life don’t seem as bad when a person is satisfied with the way things are going.

Now think about your current situation. How many times a day do you worry about not having enough money? Do you constantly put yourself down about not being able to lose weight? Are you in a job you hate? Every time your mind tells yourself these negative things, you’re telling your sub-conscious that you want it to focus on these things.

Your subconscious mind has already been programmed to make you feel dread toward your job. Because of that negative belief, your life is highly impacted in all areas because your job is a huge part of your life.

Now imagine what power you could have by changing your own thought processes and beliefs. Imagine saying to yourself regularly ‘I deserve a better job with much more money’. Say this to yourself firmly every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts. Your sub-conscious is listening and you will begin to reprogram it to accept these positive thoughts.

When your sub-conscious is aware of the positive reality you want, your choices will be influenced by more positive actions, which lead naturally to more positive outcomes.

Affirmations are an excellent way to begin the re-programming process. Take a moment to think about your current situation. What thought processes led you to make the choices you did? Did you accidentally sign the papers for so much debt? Did you get into your relationship by accident? Did you accept your current job by accident? Each of these choices was a result of your mind being programmed to believe that was what you needed at that time in your life.

You will begin to see that everything in your life is mind over matter once you take a step back and think about your previous choices and decisions. Take for example a person who has been through a violent or abusive relationship. If those people have been told repeatedly they are fat or stupid or useless, eventually they’ll believe it. Their self-esteem will come crashing down.

If only more people knew that their destiny lies in their hands (and minds of course), there would be less sadness and failure.

The mind can do amazing things. You have most likely heard in various places that humans only use ten percent of their brain power – and guess what? That is a documented fact! Here we are with the remaining 90%, just allowing it to go to waste as time passes us by, when we could all be using it to empower our lives and ourselves!

It really is possible to live a life of joy and abundance once you have mastered the principles of mind over matter.

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