Michael Jackson Thriller: The Man And His Song


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When you hear these three words Michael Jackson Thriller what comes to mind? I am sure a lot of things come to mind, after all everyone knows all about Michael Jackson and his song Thriller.

Between off the wall and thriller Jackson went through a lot of changes. Between this time Jackson was having a lot of family problems. Including his father going through an affair with another woman that was twenty years younger than him and also having a child with the same woman, and then later telling his family about it.

As a result of his fathers affair and child Jackson grew deeply depressed in this time. He was stated as saying he was lonely and that all he did was sit in his room and cry. He confided in one of his friends that he wanted to be the biggest and the richest singer in the world.

In the rolling stone magazine which was put out in two thousand and three, Thriller was ranked number twenty out of the five hundred greatest albums of all time. Thriller was number three out of two hundred by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.

Thriller was also preserved to the National Library of Congress and they deemed it “Culturally significant”. Jackson’s other album off the wall was a huge success but not as largely known as Thriller although it did receive favorable reviews just like thriller.

In a little over a year the album “Thriller” became the number one selling album of all time. And up to this very day still remains the number one album of all time. The sales of Thriller were estimated to be at seventy to one hundred and ten million tracks in the united states. This record won a record breaking eight Grammies in nineteen eighty four.

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