Men Are Often Confused By Women’s Behavior

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Men are often confused by women’s behavior. They say one thing and mean another. If you stop to think about it, you may do the same thing. Dating can be awkward and speech often doesn’t tell the whole story. The best clues are found in body language. If she avoids touching you or is not comfortable when you touch her, it shows a lack of interest.

Knowing these signs will help you strategize your way to her heart, instead of losing this very rare opportunity. If you are really serious about the current girl you’re dating, here are some signs that you can look for to see if she is really into you.

Woman Can Be Stalkers Too

If a women really likes a man, she may initiate contact with a phone call after a date. If you are interested in the woman, now is the time to set up a second date. If you are not interested in the woman, now is the time to tell her.

Since she can’t stop thinking about you, she would then resort to leaving you a lot of voice messages or calling you at the time you least expect her to. There is a way to handle this situation without appearing turned off or excited yourself. If you also like her, ask her out on a second date.

On the other hand, if you feel like she’s starting to turn into a freak, you better tell her in the mildest way possible.

Is She Too Interested?

A clear indication that a woman really likes you is if she makes herself too available for you. Every time you call, she’s always there to pick up the phone. Before you ask her out, she has already said yes a million times over.

To these women, everything you do is beyond perfection. You are definitely lucky if you chance upon a girl who seems to be worshipping the very ground you walk on. Just make sure that she’s not turning into a crazy admirer.

When Her Focus Is On You

There are women who go to extreme lengths to be noticed by a particular man. If that man is you, it’s very flattering. It may be that the woman is actually interested in you. There can be other reasons for this type of behavior that are less flattering. For some women, interest in you is not the reason for their outrageous flirting.

There are women who are naturally attention-grabbing and can seem as if they want to know get to know you better, but real life they can just be a well-trained flirt. Make sure you know how to distinguish one from the other.

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