Manhattan’s Coolest Neighborhoods

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What’s not to love about New York City? My favorite borough is Manhattan, though each one certainly has its advantages. There are so many things to do in Manhattan, and I could spend a lifetime keeping myself busy.

One of my favorite things about living here has always been the very diverse selection of neighborhoods within this wonderful borough.

Every neighborhood is truly unique, and the restaurants, stores, bars, and other things that come with a neighborhood really vary depending on where you are. It’s almost as if each one is its own city within a city.

Anyway, I’d like to briefly look at some of the best Manhattan neighborhoods, giving reasoning for my opinions behind each of these. If you plan on traveling to New York any time soon, I’d definitely suggest giving these a go.

I’d like to open this article up with a mention of the East Village, probably my favorite neighborhood of them all. Having spent some time living there, I’ve never fallen out of love with this great neighborhood.

The East Village could really keep you busy forever. Every block is lined with exciting restaurants of all kinds, interesting shops, fun bars, and more. Things in this part of the city stay open late into the night.

Its counterpart is the West Village, occupying the other side of the city when it comes to this portion of downtown Manhattan. There are things that they have in common, as they both appeal to youth, but they’re very different nonetheless. The West Village has more of a European feel.

Others may not be as into the bar scene and may prefer more traditional settings. The Upper West side of Manhattan offers just this. Between many museums, Central Park, and some historical landmarks, this is a great destination for tourists.

As you can see, there’s so much to do in this great city. What’s scary is that I’ve only mentioned a few of the many wonderful places to choose from.

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