Manage And Store Your Medical Test Results Online

Manage And Store Your Medical Test Results Online

The Trusted Place To Book and Store Your Medical Tests

About LabFinder

LabFinder is an online lab appointment scheduling service providing free of charge lab search, appointment scheduling and document storage by integrating information about labs schedules and patient results in a central location.

We’re working hard to modernize the medical professional community by uniting patients, doctors and labs. We’re passionate about improving the patient, doctor and lab relationship, reducing patient expenses and doing social good.

We were founded in New York City and are expanding to labs across the United States.

  • Get your lab results before you visit your doctor.
  • Book appointments, track your labs and manage results on a single dashboard.
  • Keep your lab exam results with you, wherever you go.
  • Protect yourself from surprise medical bills.
  • Share your lab results with your doctor electronically and keep your doctor in the loop.


The LabFinder Mission

Our goal is to save more lives and to provide better patient care through quicker diagnoses. At LabFinder, your health is our priority. We make it easier for you to find the right medical testing that fits your needs based on location, type of test and health insurance.

The reality is that 70% of medical decisions are based on the results of lab and diagnostic testing. Improving the quality of communication between you and your doctor is the first step towards developing the best treatment for you.

A simple medical test can save your life. Take the first step. Get tested and start the conversation with your doctor.


Our Values
Detect and Prevent. Being proactive about our health is the first step to detecting abnormalities in your lab results and preventing disease. Everyone has the ability to take charge of their health care by getting the information they need sooner.

Empowerment. LabFinder seeks to empower individuals to be proactive. Taking the initiative to get testing done can be crucial in improving communication with one’s doctors and detecting and preventing disease. We believe everyone should have:

Control over their health and medical records
Easy access to labs and radiology centers that participate in their health insurance plan
Freedom from unexpected out-of-network expenses
Full awareness of costs when paying out of pocket.

Belief. At the core of LabFinder is our whole-hearted belief in saving lives through education and empowerment. We stand by our commitment to improve quality of life by giving individuals the tools and knowledge they need to demand the best medical assistance.

Your Health in Your Hands. No one knows your body the way you do. Taking the initiative and detecting medical issues earlier leads to faster, and more informed medical decisions. By starting the conversation with your doctor, backed by your lab results, you can attain the answers you seek. The time has come for us to take our health into our own hands. Give yourself the care you deserve.


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