Making Money Online As An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is just one of the many ways to make money online you will have presented to you if you search the subject on any search engine. So what’s it all about? What separates this from starting your own company from the ground up or turning a passive interest into a possible career? Who is suited to it? And, more importantly, why do so many people fail at it?

We are going to delve into this field today and show you some truths. [youtube:nHAjiNtGHcc;Full time dad Russ Howe explains how he was able to [link:make money online] despite starting with nothing.;]

Tons of folks around the world try to create an income via the internet in their spare time. On of those ways is by becoming an affiliate for an existing company and earning money via it’s affiliate scheme.

While there are numerous benefits of becoming an affiliate to an already established, trusted company there are also some overlooked drawbacks which prove problematic for most people when it comes to creating that all important income they’re after.

Having something which is already established goes a long way to removing the drive and focus you actually need to become successful as your own boss. When you’re trying to carve out a living for yourself with a hobby or personal interest your back is often up against the wall, you know how serious you must be in order to succeed.

The drive necessary to become your own boss is what’s often lacking among affiliate marketers and we will show you why in just a second. Anyone who has achieved success with their own brand in the real world will possess a very different attitude to those you see from people attempting to work from home.

People often get fooled into believing they can make a living without putting in the effort. Just because an opportunity is online based does not, of course, mean it is anything more than an opportunity. Empower Network is a great example.

Everybody likes the idea conjured up by internet businesses. You know, the one where the ‘Guru’ sits on a beach with an automatic income rolling in each month… There’s an endless queue of people willing to waste money seeing if they can get lucky and find that for themselves. But it isn’t really like that. Just like the real world you have to work your business or your business will not work.

Your drive and focus to succeed will be what determines how far you get in online business. There is no secret, other than the simply things you would do if you set up your own business out in the real world. Creating a long-term goal is a good start, sticking to it is even better.

Nobody can become your own boss for you.

Those words ring true across every home based business opportunity and are the reason over half of all affiliates struggle to get anywhere with their earnings.

There are two types of people who try to make money online and they consist of those looking for an instant, easy solution to all of their problems and those genuinely looking to create a long term income for their family from home. Which are you? It’s easy to tell.

About the author: Russ Howe is a full time dad and personal trainer turned five figure online earner with Empower Network. Get your free guide on how to make money online to maximize your success.

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