Make Your Paper Lanterns


A regular lamp consists of a light bulb and a transparent case designed for its protection. Paper lanterns are made according to clear specifications as well, the transparent case manifesting itself this time as rice paper. We have grown accustomed to seeing custom paper lanterns in countries from the Asian continent but lately they can be found in other places as well. Customizing paper lanterns offers a lot of freedom, designers playing with different colours and shapes, not to mention sizes, when making such items. You can also find artwork or text printed on custom paper lanterns, reproduced images and popular logos.

Custom paper lanterns can either be funny or elegant. You decide.

There is no better occasion than a party to use custom paper lanterns. Also, Chinese festivals are always surprisingly beautiful when decorated with such items. Custom paper lanterns have replaced traditional decorative objects in business offices, not to mention numerous personal residences. People are attracted to custom paper lanterns, knowing very well that they can use them to decorate recently refurbished rooms. The popular choice for custom paper lanterns in terms of the actual rice paper is that with a natural colour; and if you really want to go all the way, you will consider a pattern of bamboo reeds for your custom paper lanterns. Don’t be afraid to check out other custom paper lanterns as well, paying a visit to online shops.

An incredible array of custom paper lanterns can be found in different places. Prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised at seeing white paper lanterns with curious structures and shapes. The size of the custom paper lanterns is also important, customers being offered lanterns as big as 42” or as small as 8”. Both wedding receptions and major social events can be decorated using custom paper lanterns, coming in bold tones of black or red.

One thing is certain, we definitely have a lot of custom paper lanterns from which to choose. Talk about being given the chance to choose, when we have floral prints on custom paper lanterns, crinkled rice paper as base material and small loops perforated on the paper, not to mention the most diverse shapes.

Can you still deny that custom paper lanterns are right for you, especially when you have such an amazing selection available?

Cody Scholberg, a lighting expert, writes about hanging paper lanterns. Check out this post on using asian paper lanterns !

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