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The 1970s were a very unique time in our history. While many have mocked the over the top nature of 1970s fashion and culture, others have begun to recognize the fun that was inherent during the decade. This has led to a great resurgence in interest in the era. It has also led to renewed interest in 70s fancy dress fashion. While some may not be interested in wearing a seventies fancy dress for daily use, many enjoy wearing such clothes to theme parties that revolve around 1970s culture.

Whether the theme parties are personal, private party get-together or night on the towns at local discos that offer 70’s Night events, a 70s fancy dress costume adds a special retro look.

Yes, just for one night, you can turn back the clock to the era when disco was popular, the drive-in theaters still existed, and the 8-Track tape player was considered the epitome of modern technology. And, best of all, you can do so without great expense because seventies fancy dress costumes can often come with a very low price tag.

What type of 70s fancy dress apparel can you purchase? The selection is quite vast. Women can select from a great variety of disco outfits, hippie clothes, and even the mod style Go-Go girl costume. The latter costume is intriguing because it is very early 1970s and a holdover from a fashion trend that originated in the 1960s. By the early 1970s, the look was tweaked to reflect the fun of the new decade.

This costume is bound to make an impact at a party. Those preferring the later 1970s look would definitely be interested in the flashy disco era costumes that are still perfect to a nightclub trek. The pop culture influence on the 1970s was also quite strong and had a lasting effect. 70s fancy dress reflecting entertainment trends recapture classic iconic images of the silver screen and these seventies fancy dress costumes make excellent costumes as well.

And what red-blooded male would not have a great time dressing up as an iconic figure from the Me Generation? There are many popular men’s 70s fancy dress costumes that would certainly prove appealing to a male audience. These include classic disco outfits, Elvis Presley costumes, and even legendary leisure suits that many believed would never be seen again.

Yes, if you want to turn heads when you go on a night on the town, men’s seventies fancy dress costumes can prove to be a great choice. The selection for men’s seventies fancy dress is quite varied. So, no matter what look you wish to display, there is an outfit that can match your needs.

Wearing 70s fancy dress can be a lot of fun and that is why so many people enjoy the fashion. It is a great experience dressing up according to the fashion trends of the 70s and thus reliving a bygone era. Actually, it can be done anytime you wear the seventies fancy dress which is another great endorsement for these items.

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