Magic Bullets Mystery Method Seduction Guide – A Review

For three years now I have been a pick up artist and have read most of the ‘main’ seduction guides and manuals out there. Some of them are good and offer some good advice but what I found was non give a more complete picture than Magic Bullets by Mystery Method (previously called venusian arts handbook)

The main shortcoming with these other guides was due to the fact that they didn’t give the full picture and so there were always times that you would feel confused when talking to women and therefore you would get blown out due to lack of understanding. This was very frustrating.

What I like about Magic Bullets is that that it explains everything in entirety and then boils it down to simple steps that are easy to follow. You always know the reason that something ‘happened’ and thats half the battle understanding. Even if you got blown out you would still be able to walk away and know what you have done wrong to improve next time and because of this I saw rapid improvements in my game. With these other guides you would walk away not knowing what you have done wrong as there would be no given explanation within their guides.

Another thing that is great about Magic Bullets is that it does not pretend to be something its not. It does not claim that you are going to go out and get laid tommorow as soon as you have read their guide. It does not claim that you can get a make out with a girl in seconds and bring her back to yours a couple of minutes later.

Many of the other ‘guides’ out there are written by one man who got ‘quite good’ and decided to make an ebook in hope of making abit of money. The Mystery method Magic Bullets however is without question the most exhaustively tested, complete and refined model ever made. It was and still is the main guide that holds the American Pick Up ‘Community’ together (where it all started) and has helped shape some of the best and most ‘famous’ pick up artists in the world including Tyler Durden, David Deangelo, Savoy, Gambler, Sinn, Lovedrop and of course Mystery – the most accomplished pickup artist in the world. It is this method that started it all and is the result of thousands of mens blood, sweat and tears in understanding what works! Other methods just aren’t as good.

So all in all whether a beginner to all this or at a fairly advanced level I recommend Magic Bullets as a comprehensive yet easy to follow guide. Please Click below for more information.

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