Mafia Wars Cheats Once You’re in You’re in


If you are one of the over 4 million people that play Mafia Wars then you have found yourself scouring the Internet for Mafia Wars cheats. Now I have to admit I am rather new to the Mafia Wars game in general. If you do a Google search for Mafia Wars cheats then you will find several thousand pages of different cheats that people have found over the course of playing the game.

The first of these Mafia Wars cheats is the cheat where you can let the game run for you in the background. What you have to do is play through the Firefox web browser, but that is not all you also have to have the greasemonkey extension installed in your browser.

After you have installed this extension then you will need to take and restart Firefox so that you should now be able to run the game on auto after you have the option to enable this feature. My advice to you is this beware of this as it is a hit an miss extension that may or may not work most of the time. This is just one of the Mafia Wars cheats that are offered.

If you want to increase the size of your mafia without turning your friends list into a miniature phone book then you will want to try this little trick now. The code is so long that we have them hyperlinked at the bottom of this article. Click the links below to get all of the new codes today.

As I told you this was a long link so it is hyperlinked at the bottom of the article. This will help you in having a large mafia without your facebook account being flooded with unwanted friends.

Here is the simple fact if you are looking for a way to get rich quick then you may be a little disappointed by the fact that there are just not that many Mafia Wars Cheats out on the Internet. Besides this, the company that makes the game has caught onto the cheats and are always fixing the game to keep it from being hacked and a person winning it all in one click of a mouse button. Of course in the end if you have been reduced to reading this article then you already know that there are no such thing as Mafia Wars cheats.

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