Love Rules For The Ladies

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Have you ever had a girlfriend who’d ditch her friends, you included, for a guy? Let’s say the two of you made plans for the museum on Saturday afternoon. When Saturday morning rolled around, she changed her plans to be with a guy she’d just met. Being the understanding friend that you are, you caved and said that it was fine.

Unfortunately, deep inside you began to feel a bit neglected and resentful. Mental note ladies; men don’t break plans with the fellas for you, so you might want to think it about it before you cancel plans with your girlfriends for him. Actually, if he cares that deeply about you, he would probably insist that you keep you current plans.

“First come, First served” is a popular business policy. So why aren’t relationships like that too? Being with friends occasionally is not going to tear a strong relationship apart. Actually it will make it stronger because it shows all concerned that you have a life of your own too. Don’t forget, you’ve likely known your friends a lot longer than you’ve know your sweetie.

Now, there are probably a few women out there that may be saying that you shouldn’t let your friends come between you and your man. On the flip side, should you let your man come between you and your friends? Think about it. There are a certain percentage of women who meet someone new and begin dating and then become totally involved with their man.

Phone calls become scarce as her new relationship consumes all her time. Perhaps the woman in question simply feels that this man is all she needs. Along with her friends, her work and other aspects of her personal may suffer as well. While you might think that you’d never let this happen to you, most women don’t do this conscientiously, it just sort of sneaks up on them.

Love is supposed to complement who you are. It’s not supposed to leave you brain dead and lose your friends and maybe even your job. If the relationship doesn’t last, you’ll need your friends more than ever. The same people that you don’t have time for now will be the one picking up the pieces when your lover hits the road.

Though your friends may not say it to your face, they likely want to but didn’t for fear of ruining what is left of your friendship. Your most caring friends will keep their mouth shut and give you a much needed hug while you pour out your sob story. Which, incidentally, was entirely of your own making.

If your guy can’t understand that you have a life that may not include him, then you don’t need him. It’s that simple. Remember, you don’t have to lose your identity to be in love or to be involved in a relationship. A relationship should add to your life, not take away from it.

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