Living The Dream! How Is It Possible?

Work You Love

Hi! Perry Estelle here. I am co-owner of Tintota. The publishing site you have just found.

I have some great news…

To add another stream of income alongside my other business projects I have discovered an exciting way to enjoy a steady residual income. After the initial set up it is pretty maintenance free and easily automated.

Lets look at what I’m up to ..well.. just to prove to you that I am who I say I am and get acquainted, here is the lowdown on me. I have a ‘hobby’ business renting out Tipis! Sounds wacky but I’m living my dream and love Tipis. As a kid when the others were playing Cowboys and Indians I always wanted to be Cochise! So that’s what I do. Check out I am having the time of my life and my Tipis have taken me all over the UK and parts of Europe.

I’m also an online publicist and guest writer for other ezines. Writing articles is fun! I have my own publishing sites and

So why get into selling information? Frankly I was flat broke 3 years ago and with no end in sight. Now I have an excellent income that helps me live my Tipi dream.

But now we have met let’s talk about what helped me set up my niche profits business recently that I simply do for fun but makes superb profits at the touch of a mouse.

First, I hope I have got the right person reading this because I really want you to test out this cracking home business for yourself and see very quickly how it will work for you.

You may have a great rewarding well paid job? You may not. You may live your dream and be very successful? You may not. You may be financially free? You may not. You may have all the trappings of wealth and fortune already? You may not.

Stack of Money

You may be interested in the next five minutes of reading this single page? You may not. But what is certain the next 5 minutes will have a profound effect on you. It will make you think about what more you want. What you really need from life and the expectations you are cultivating regarding the future of your work interests and the financial security of yourself and family.

How about this…?

If you could change your life in 12 months with just 5 small goals to achieve, what would they be? Write down the five things that could be goals of some value that would change your life for the better? They may be? To own your own profitable business? To holiday five times a year? To buy, keep, and train a horse? To afford to put your kid through college? To have lots of spare time for yourself, family and friends?

Actually..These were my first five short term goals? Those goals were set just a year ago and I have attained each one of them effortlessly.

I have no special skills

I achieved those goals with no budget

Remember! I was in dire straights

This simple little home-based online business taking an hour a day made it possible to do all these things in one year when for most people on an average wage might wait 10 or 20 years to see materialise.

In effect this system I am about to explain gave me 10 years of my life back! Time is priceless. Time with your family, your friends and doing the things together you want to do. You can’t buy precious time in a shop. If you had to buy 10 years on your life to be with your family what would you think it was worth??

Take a ride with me for the next couple of miles. Ride shotgun with me for a little way and see if you want to get behind the wheel too!

Let’s talk first about the importance of your virtual ‘keys to your kingdom’. Digital Information  products. In one illustration I will prove to you how ‘Information is King’. Are you ready? Take a roomful of the average crowd.

Ask them the first question:
“How many of you have bought a product or service on the Internet this last weekend?” I imagine probably half the room will put up their hand if they have either bought on ebay or renewed their car insurance or maybe shopped online for something.”

Ask the second question:
“How many of you have looked for information to do with entertainment or lifestyle last weekend?”

I guarantee EVERYBODY IN THE ROOM WILL PUT THERE HAND UP! It is stating the obvious that all of us have looked for information concerning these familiar enquiries in the space of a short time recently..

Subjects that beg  “How to…Where to…What to…When to…Who to…?” Now we have the Internet nobody has to trudge through rain to the local library to get information or buy a set of encyclopedias to learn how to do anything or find out what you need to know. ‘Collecting the whole set’ of ‘How to?’ on golf, dieting, car mechanics, sailing etc is soon to be a thing of the past.

Even I can remember not that long ago running to the local newsagent just in time to see the last copy of my favourite magazine being sold to a less deserving customer leaving me frustrated!

No longer do you… have to serve an apprenticeship to learn how to hypnotise people, find the joy of gardening or learn a new language with inconvenient and expensive time consuming evening classes. You can build your own Tipi, make your own bio-fuels, hairdress, learn how to tightrope walk, or do these and many other things and travel the world virtually on your PC!

You can become a laptop student finding out about flyfishing, rockclimbing, kayaking or hangliding, or, perhaps, how to become an auctioneer, seamstress or browse secrets of others success as you are today.

It is all on this screen in front of you and you can even get accreditation and credentials approving your accomplishments without stepping inside a college.

The information on how to become a professional therapist or counselor is right  here. Want learn to watercolour or bodypierce?

The internet has it all. The choice is immense!

Think Niche

Never before in the history of the world has the Worldwide Web this last 15 years brought us so many superb profits with Niche products making ‘The Cyber World’ literally your oyster!

Now I am going to show you how to clean that oyster to find the pearl!

To become a wealthy Niche marketeer you need to polish up your products and sell them on. This is not any one of the thousands of wacky schemes and scams cluttering the web.

This is a template business.

Copy and duplicate is the formula you follow. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. This is a business to clone. All the real work has been done for you. You are reading exactly the process to follow.

If you as I have done in the past waded through money making ‘revolutionary’ ‘overnight success’ or ‘earn while you sleep’ scams until you think you might explode and wailed ‘never again’ then your process of elimination holds you a trumping card if you read on.

Or you can readily spot at fifty paces a cheesy claim to make you ‘rich beyond your wildest dreams’ load of overblown twaddle and promptly watch your investment line others pockets as I have done in the past then you have got to read on??

This the most successful realistic, workable and lucrative online home-based business that is for anybody who wants to create an incredible income for the least time and effort..

Look no further..

This ‘copycat’ business is all you need to jump on the Niche Product boom that is already set to last forever and ever. Making you money forever and ever.

Wait a minute though…
Just because this business is a doddle doesn’t mean you don’t have to do some work!!
Your own niche wealthmaker toolkit featured will not promise any of that silly ‘get rich quick’ baloney.
It demands some effort to make money at this business.

It takes time. You will need patience. You will need support and assistance. You will need mentoring. It is a learning process literally from scratch.
It will only evolve and take on a life of its own if you take action.

Then and only then will it open up a whole new world of exciting niche marketing ideas to you that you will want to become familiar with. It will be an ever-changing enterprise of yours as new products emerge. Each day will be different in your new niche business.

You will have to test this process and prove to yourself it is working at every turn.

How to start???

Lets see how simple this really is!

Write you own page like this first!! Or copy mine if you want!

This is not a web sales page that looks like a huge supermarket slogan.
Its not flashing with all the sirens, bells and whistles is it?

No, it is fairly sombre compared to most ‘killer ads’ as I’m sure you will agree. But the fact you have read this far means I have already struck a chord with you without boasting about how many cars, beach villas and swimming pools I have. I have not had to convince you that this is a good idea because I have fat cheques as proof of earnings spattered across the page.

You know as well as I do that such ‘rags to riches’ flim flam is not the way to win your heart with any idea. Am I right! If I have to boast to get your attention then how shallow is that? What truly matters is whether you and I seem are on the same wavelength. That you can relate to what I have just written.

I am relatively new to this business. Mind you, I have had jobs and over many years became mystified with how each day became one long round of jargon-busting and endless paperwork.

It seems only yesterday (but 17 years now) I ‘houseshared’ with my pregnant wife and how we struggled with just two deckchairs for furniture in our new home…not even a bed!! I just didn’t want to struggle anymore but more importantly I didn’t want be a wageslave anymore either.

I started to look around for a franchise. What a con! You work for the first 3 years flipping burgers or making donuts?? Purely to pay for your investment and thereafter work 24-7 to beat the competition!! Actually you end up ‘not really being your own boss at all’ paying a giant corporation out of your earnings month in month out! Washing wheelie bins or dogs was not my idea of fun! Or stuck in some coffee kiosk on a train station from dawn until dusk didn’t float my boat either. Not for me.

I thought, ‘I know’! ”I’ll get a tattoo shop”. I knew a tattooist who was somebody I thought I could trust. I bought set up the shop and things were going great and then suddenly my trusty tattooist disappeared with all the profits to Barcelona! Uh-oh!

Could things get any worse. That was just 3 years ago.

At my wits end less than a year ago I went out of sheer desperation to a seminar in London. It was organised for a strange breed of people called entrepreneurs!

It was the turning point in my life.

I learned more about making money and my own mind potential in those two days than at any other time in my ‘natural’.
This is what I learned in a nutshell!!

Simplicity itself!!

These days with just one click of the mouse you can find information on any subject with ease and clarity.
Information is King it will bring you a whole kingdom of products to you if you follow this simple concept.
Niche Marketing is your Castle.

Again…Your Kingdom is the wealth of information… right here… at your fingertips.

A niche product is best described as a suitable product for a ‘hungry crowd’. It is a huge Internet marketplace where extraordinary profits are made by quite ordinary people.

Those who promote niche product information on the Internet already have the cash income they desire.
They have created the lifestyle they choose by selling niche or “How To” digital products.

A ‘niche’ product is consistently desired by a certain group of customers that keep coming back time and time again to purchase what you have to offer.

The Internet has opened up a whole community of niche product followers that are constantly looking for relevant products to fill their need.

It might be Golfers wanting tips to: ‘Improve Your Swing Like a Real Pro’
Dieters wanting information on ‘How to Lose Weight Eating all you Want’
Those who just want to  ‘Give Up Smoking Without a Single Craving in 7 Days’
Boat Enthusiasts needing ‘Dutch Barge Renovation Hints’
Snowboarders seeking a ‘New Extreme Snowboarding Styles’
Equine Interest on ‘Pony Care Essentials’
Craftmaking on ‘Origami Made Easy.’

You name it.. a ‘hungry crowd’ is always on the look out for information on their favourite subject. The list is truly endless!!

I have 1000’s of products prepared and waiting for you when you subscribe.

I will show you week on week what to do with these products to make a fantastic income.

They can each be bought individually (I have and do sell them now for prices ranging from $37 to $197) but I strongly advise you select all the resources you want to start your business.

The business guides are fully comprehensive and display easy step by step on-screen instruction when download. The business guides themselves can be used for your own online business and you can duplicate this method of reselling them to customers.

All resale resources and Private Label Rights (PLR) are included completely FREE!!

Everything you need to know about niche marketing to make a very substantial income is available here.

If you want to create the lifestyle you truly desire then there is no better way than to sell and resell niche products.

Everyday people like you are becoming independanty wealthy using this system, truly tried and tested.

The Niche Product Phenomenon has produced myriads of niche products. These “How To… Manuals” are irresistible products that each relevant group of buyers desperately and continually want. A guide product that fulfills a personal passion of theirs.

Imagine:  After you follow the instructions in this material you could resell the same products a 100 or 1000 times over and over and with so much ease that all you have to do each day ‘when you go to work’ is check your increasing bank balance!

People just like you have got out of the rat-race and spent less than a few weeks learning this fantastic business and after 3 to 5 years….
…already retired making 10-125k a month……residual income just doing what these featured products will teach you.

No skills or special talents are needed.

If you can send an email you can do this business for just half an hour or an hour a day…and eventually make it fully automated. Within a few months you can sit back and watch that ‘hungry audience’ pay you over and over.

Your future success with this online step by step system requires action. Are you prepared to take action today to create your own income and enjoy the lifestyle you have always wanted?

Included within this offer of this Step by Step Golden Highway to Success using The Superb Niche Profits Business Plan are all the instructions and tools you need!

If you really want to make money quickly the subscription to this weekly tutorial ‘person-to-person’ with me is only $27 to fast track your own Niche Resale Business and is all you need to know about Niche products and to promote them on the web earning what you want when you want.

You don’t have to sack your boss until you match your present income and exceed it a few months from now.

I’m giving away all re-sale rights for these featured products…ABSOLUTELY FREE!


You do not need any skills. If you can send an email you can do this business. If you prefer to work from a laptop as long as you have Internet connection you can operate this business from anywhere in the world.

There really could not be a more simple step by step system to create the amount of wealth you want by copying this guide.

So while this offer remains become the master of your own income and do the things in life you really want whether it will mean giving you more time with family and friends, giving up the job you hate, that new car, travel the world, or a new home, or putting kids through college then this is a time sensitive offer not to be wasted.

Copy this idea today and watch your Niche Market profits grow and grow!

Get Your Free Website Now! Start your business today!

After you start receiving the free products I’m going to send you why not use this method and duplicate it?

You can put them onto free webhosting sites like for instance to create your own free webpage in minutes to get you up and running simply and quickly. It costs nothing but your commitment and a little spare time.

This is my personal guarantee:

I will provide more than 50 Hot Niche digital products to start your business over the next 12 months worth to you over £50,000 in the first years sales alone.
The FREE products are yours to keep whether you continue or not. You can cancel the program anytime you wish.

Yes! I will source and provide each HOT NICHE PRODUCT for you with sales pages and resale rights at no extra charge!

In your first month you will get these four new ‘ready to go’ products that you can start selling the same day.

The Introductory titles are….

The Foolproof Method For Creating A Profitable Online Business
How to Uncover Red Hot Niches in Minutes
Building Niche Websites Easily
22 Secret “Hot Buttons” That Make Consumers Spend Money Like Crazy

While you get set up I will be feeding you tips by email on how to get your business fired on all cylinders working less than an hour or two a day.

I will also provide some Fun YouTube Videos with pointers to make your business as easy as possible.

Our working relationship with me as your personal tutor and technical back-up starts Right HERE. Right NOW.

Do you want to work on this joint venture with me? Do you want to make the sort of money your friends only dream of?

Subscribe Today for less than a $1 a day to get 1000’s of valuable Niche information products to sell and resell over and over.

Your subscription covers a weekly tutorial, newsletter and possibly YouTube videos.

Sorry! I can only handle so many 1-on-1 tutorial places. I have reserved a place for you and only 29 other subscribers on this project.

When the reservations and my personal store of products are gone…they are gone! Don’t lose out on a ‘shedload’ of FREE HOT Digital Products in your Inbox starting Now.

There it is! A Niche Product Business Builder for the price of a single takeaway meal!!!!

Do you want your own simple and fun online business?

Do you only want to work an hour or so a day?

Do you want me to send you 50 great ‘How to..” free digital products with full resale rights worth up to £6,500 on the first 10 duplicate sales ( first month) and thereafter re-sell over and over again with continued 1000% or more profit margins on the same products or others that I promise I can provide heavily discounted or even free to my subscription members?

Please read the declaration below carefully and subscribe today to gain your place in the ‘NICHE SUCCESS’ tutorial in 12 monthly modules.

Perry…This seems just what I am looking for! I am ready to learn a business that will make me the kind of income I deserve right now! I want to enrol today in the “NICHE SUCCESS” tutorial.

I understand you will take a journey with me by email each month to build my business completely risk free. As a joint venture you will send me module by module …every month…at least 4 free digital information products with step by step instructions to duplicate a ‘no-brainer’ resale process and at no further cost.

Perry, I have read and understood the information on this page and feel I can truthfully affirm that the above does relate to my personal aspirations and so would like to have you send me 50 of the Web’s Hottest Free Digital Information products in my Inbox over the following 12 months. I also am aware that this offer is proving very popular and thus time sensitive but if I subscribe today I know I can be given one of the limited spaces available. I understand you will send me literally the best tools and resources each month in a ‘Structured for Success Programme’ to enable me to make up to 100 times the profit on each product by copying this system. I also understand that if I am not entirely satisfied with this service I can cancel the arrangement at any time…

I therefore would like to enrol as a student to learn about niche products and exploit their full wealth building potential by working just one to two hours a day with you and deploying the essential materials you will send me in the months to come”.

I want the ‘NICHE SUCCESS’ tutorial. Please send me my first tutorial plus as promised the initial free products mentioned in this information to get my business making money from the first week.

NB: We hate spam and will respect your privacy. Your details will be kept safe and not given to another party.

Click Here -> Your Success Marketing Secret

(Subscription Processor ‘Studio House’) PayPal, credit-card or bank account (where available).

Warning: Niche Information products are easy to find but can be poor quality or overpriced without any PLR or resale facility. You must also know how to market that information to the right crowd. If you subscribe to my recommended products and follow my carbon copy system you will not have to rely on your own trial and error. I have made this a fast-track package. Don’t waste your time and money on poor advice and shoddy goods with no real marketing power.

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