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Sedu is a brand of flat iron and hair styling tools that provide smooth, sleek hairstyles. It gives you a creative and gorgeous look easily and quickly. These sedu looks are made famous by many film actresses such as Jennifer Ainston.

Sedu is so popular for its high end technology in hair styling and design. Here is how it works: these sedu flat irons are able to reach maximum heat within no-time by omitting negative ions for protection. They use fine special plates that gives your hair fizz-free look without breaking and catching the hair.

Types of sedu hair styles:

There are mainly six shapes of faces that are considered while styling your hair. They are oblang, square, heart shaped, pear shaped, round, and oval shaped faces. Based on these shapes you can choose which style suits your face best.

Based on these face shapes three hairstyles are usually suggested by sedu brand people. The three styles are (i) casual and sleek, (ii) chic, (iii) the updo bun.

Here are the procedures to these sedu hair styles:


– Start with conditioner shampoo to your hair for at least for two minutes. This helps in making your hair soft and flatten your hair to prevent them from becoming damaging or drying. – Next, add hair serum and styling gel which makes your hair shine and sleek. It also gets rid from frizziness for that silky look. Then, give your hair a blow dry by pointing the drier nozzle down the hair shaft. – After drying your hair, keep the sedu flat iron by inserting a small section that is two inch of hair through these plates gliding down from root to the tip. – The final and most important part of your styling is give a shine spray to your hair. You can then use a flat iron iand don’t brush it afterward.


– Wash your hair with conditioner and leave it for about two minutes. – Give a dry blow to your hair by dividing into two inch of hair and blow dry to half inch pieces with a round brush. – Hold for 4-6 seconds. Hold this round brush near your scalp and brush down your hair to the end of it. – Use hair shine spray and end with shine serum. Keep these to your palms and brush hair with your palms.


– Follow the stops of the above styles until your hair becomes nice and straight. – Keep your help up with gel that firms back your hair into a ponytail and band it in ponytail place. Then, spray front and side ways of your hair with a firm holding spray. – Finally, make a barrel curl on your remaining ponytail hair with your index fingers. Hold it with pins and bobby pins and finish it with that form hold hair spray at last.

NOTE : Use sedu on dried hair for best results. Using sedu on wet hair causes breakage of the hair and may cause permanent damage to the hair.

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