Let’s Take A Tip From Builders

A tiny little thought today that hopefully you can expand into your own life.

When builders start any job, what is the very first thing that they do, before digging a single fence post or laying a single brick?

They string out the job.

This means they run a guideline the whole length of the wall that they are about to build or the entire run of the fence that they are putting up. They do this so that every brick they lay and every fencepost they dig is precisely aligned. There is no room for guesswork.

But they don’t stop there.

A good builder has another tool that he uses all the time – a spirit level.

Every brick is double-checked for straightness and squareness.

Now you may not be a builder, but the same principles apply to absolutely everyone.

It is terribly easy to assume that you know how to do a job and just crash on with it, only to find that the result isn’t quite how you anticipated.

That’s why setting out your string – your goals and breaking them down into bite-sized steps is so important. It ensures that you will follow a straight line.

And the spirit level? That is the questions that you ask yourself at every step of the way – how can I do this better, why am I doing it this way, who is this for, and so on.

And here’s another tip you can learn from builders: when you bend down to pick something up, please make sure your backside is well covered! 🙂

By The Way

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