Learn to Play Guitar: 4 Ways to Learn Faster

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Ever since a popular guitar simulation game was introduced in 2005, people today are somewhat taking a virtual shortcut to learning how to play guitar fast. But it doesn’t really compare to taking actual lessons. The thrill of performing your favorite song on a real guitar will always be better.

For those into guitar, everybody dreams of playing good enough to be on a band – or maybe even becoming like a rockstar someday. If you want to start living out your music fantasies in your garage this weekend, here are effective ways to learn to play guitar and get good fast:

1. Find a Decent Instrument

Though not everybody can afford it, getting a decent instrument is the best way to start. It’ll make you more motivated to practice. Look into renting or borrowing a good guitar if you can’t buy one yourself. Get recommendations from music shops and professionals you know.

2. Study the Basics with a Twist

Some people give up too easily if the first guitar lessons are too repetitive or boring. If you can find the most interesting ways to study: caring for your guitar (and your hands), chords, scales and tablature, you’ll never go wrong. You can also learn to play guitar more easily by performing simple songs in the soonest time you can.

3. Tips and Tricks for Practice

Videotaping your practice sessions is a great way to analyze errors and make real progress. If you can, practice with someone who plays better than you. Next, get a list of your own rock heroes and organize your own learning catalogue: CDs, books, and guides about how they learned the craft.

The good news is you can have your pick of the best online guitar lessons on the web today. Video lessons are the best. It’s like having your own teacher for free. You can copy and compare techniques easier this way.

4. Advancing Lessons

As one legendary guitar teacher once said, everything gets easier when you do it constantly. This is the only way to get the required technical skills to reach rockgod status. The next step is to understand the different guitar genres and other advanced music theory material.

Once you start to learn to play guitar, its hard to stop. It may open doors to a music career, or it may simply be a fun way to express yourself and entertain people. Guitar lessons not only give you something to enjoy; they help build confidence and spark creativity too. Why not try it and surprise yourself- see how far you can go.

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