Learn to Harness the Power of the Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind. Ref: worldlibrary.net

Have you ever heard the saying ‘What you believe, you can achieve’? Your subconscious mind is easily the most powerful tool you’ll ever encounter. Everything you do or say or dream originated within your subconscious mind. Some people are able to conceive an idea within their minds and then manifest those thoughts up to a conscious level.

For example, if you wish to change the channel on the TV, you think about it and then you do so. But, have you ever noticed you picked up the remote and quickly changed a channel without ever once thinking about why you did what you did? If so, have you ever stopped to think about your actions? More than likely, you did not because the action was a subconscious one.

Your subconscious mind creates reactions within you that make you do the things you do. When you consciously take action to complete a task or do something you want to get done, that thought process originated within your subconscious mind. Imagine what you could achieve if you had the power to direct your subconscious mind to generate conscious actions within yourself that helped you fulfill all the things you dreamed.

Learning to properly harness to the power of your subconscious mind can mean living up to the true potential inherent within you. Allowing your own thoughts to feed your subconscious mind can mean the difference between living in fear and living the life you dreamed.

So we need to communicate with our subconscious mind to improve our lives. Many people feel that this is too complicated a task to undergo, but really it is simplicity itself by following a few simple steps. Just accept that Self improvement has to start with ‘thinking’ about it first.

Quite possibly, the simplest way one can guide the subconscious mind it through the power of affirmation. As one would logically assume, affirmation refers to the ability to remind oneself of positive aspects of life in order to achieve a desired result.

Think about a task you really didn’t want to begin. You would immediately have begun to feel tired and look for other things to do instead. Inside your mind, your thoughts would be telling you that you don’t want to do that, or that you should be working on something else. This is a subconscious stress reaction and it drains your energy automatically in response to a task that is counter-productive to achieving those things you really want.

Affirmations are those mental reminders and assertions of the positive things you want to achieve and want to become. Learning to use affirmations to help you achieve the things you want in life can increase your motivation and your focus in a positive way.

You’re also able to change your habits through use of affirmations. You might want to stop smoking or learn to stop overeating or even feel more motivated about exercising more regularly. These affirmations confirm the things you want to your subconscious, which then creates the impulses that remind your conscious mind of the things you should be doing.

Hypnosis is another way to tap directly into the subconscious mind. You can do this using a qualified hypnotherapist or you can use self-hypnosis by listening to specific audio recordings. This can help you to change habits, like stopping smoking or over-eating. You can also change your entire attitude toward certain activities or actions to become more positive if you wish.

You might also want to try brainwave synchronization or binaural beats. These are specially created sound frequencies you play through a set of headphones. The frequencies change so you hear different things in each ear. This can synchronize the separate sides of your brain which can allow you to descend into a deep meditation easily. You’re able to access your subconscious more easily in this state.

Complete mastery of your subconscious mind’s power takes years of training, as shown by highly trained Buddhist monks. They are able to display amazing abilities through mastering and controlling their subconscious power so that it manifests through their conscious minds. Things like levitation or breaking solid objects without pain or injury.

Understanding how you can create the life you dreamed of or the relationship you desire or even that ideal job you always wanted has been made a little easier through films and books like The Secret’. Often called the Law of Attraction, this theory shows how learning to control the power within your own mind can manifest those things you want most.

More traditional sciences, such as quantum physics, are beginning to recognize the significance of the power many ancient civilizations accessed by understanding their own subconscious minds. The ability to alter and influence your own reality comes from tapping the power within yourself.

The power within your subconscious mind is much bigger than the majority of people understand. Learning to tap into and harness this power positively can seriously open your eyes to the amazing new life that awaits you.

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