Learn To Be Funny In These 5 Simple Ways

You are definitely lucky if you can make people laugh. So many people want to have that talent and yet, more believe that they do not have a great sense of humor as great comedians do.

But this should not be a cause for you to be disheartened because it is a talent that can be learned.

There may be people who are experts at delivering their jokes, but a lot of them also started in the same position as you are now. And what you need is the will to learn and to practice no end until you master the skill.

If you are interested to hone your comedic skills for your personal improvement and not necessarily to start a professional career out of it, following are steps that will help you towards that path:

Try observing people who are close to you. Whether they are the ones providing the joke or the ones receiving the jokes, examine the dynamics happening between them.

For those making people laugh, what antics did they do that elicited the most laughter? Did they have to resort to using exaggerated facial expressions to make them laugh or were his jokes enough to bring out the laughter? Did he have to change his voice and his accent? What striking details of his actions drew out the most giggles? Were his comments witty enough?

Keep on observing people especially those who are skilled at making other laugh. Copy them at first until you are able to develop your own style.

Now that you have observed how people make other people laugh, it is time for you to connect with your family or friends and try the techniques you have learned on them. Did they laugh at your jokes? Did they ask for more? What is important is that you keep that bond alive because exposing yourself to a bunch of happy people makes laughing easier because of the spontaneous reactions you get when interacting with them.

Another source of material for learning how to make people laugh is through joke books. When I say joke books, I am not referring to the book that contains possible material for your jokes but rather the techniques that these types of books offer.

These are very helpful because these books share popular practices followed by more established comedians when they were still studying. In fact, some have even worked first-hand with comedians and what they share are methods that they have observed comedians follow.

You have now reached the exciting part and that is whether you are effective or not in delivering your funny lines.

When in the presence of your close family and friends, try out the jokes by applying techniques you have learned from observing people and reading books. Did they respond positively to your comedic efforts? Solicit comments about your delivery and practice more.

Try and try again because you cannot perfect something in just one try.

A final trick that you should learn is how to improvise. You cannot always depend on other people’s materials because no matter how funny their joke is, if you cannot deliver it with the same passion as they do, then it will all come out unnatural.

So, use your personal experiences or observations and start from there. Remember that it all boils down to delivery.

Do you now suppose you can learn to be funny even when you are not? Learn more tricks to be even more successful.

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James Patrick

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