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Buying on the Internet

Long before the days of the internet, marketing was a tried and tested science. You advertised your product or brand in the local or national media and people walked to your store to buy.

Later they were able to buy by mail order and have it arrive in the post or by courier.

Now most of the ‘selling’ is done online and the pursuasion to buy is remote by comparison. But it is still a science by nature and there are real positive ways of doing thing that almost guarantees you will make that sale.

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Here are my 10 most intuitive conclusions to todays problems of marketing on the internet.

1. If you sell coffee as a commodity, it’s worth 2 cents a cup. If you sell it as goods, it’s worth 25 cents a cup. If you sell it as a service it’s worth $1.00 a cup. If you sell it as an experience, it’s $5.00 a cup. A 250:1 difference between commodity and experience.

2. Meaning: Getting ahead by slashing prices is cutting your own throat. You MUST take a lead from Starbucks and deliver an entire customer experience. Move UPSTREAM, not down.

3. Your marketing plan MUST include Google. Love ’em, hate ’em, Mother’s Milk or Big Brother, there is no avoiding this fact.

4. If your marketing plan ONLY includes Google, you’re an accident waiting to happen. You must invoke the Unlimited Traffic Technique and elevate your conversions to a level where you can compete on any level playing field. Once accept this reality, you liberate yourself from the mosh pit of misery and mediocrity.

5. If you have a successful affiliate business and it’s still standing, congratulations. You still have time to move to higher ground. Time to move NOW.

6. Regardless of where you buy clicks, if you don’t have an Autoresponder sequence, you’re leaving 2/3rds of the money on the table. Social Media is a freaking waste of time compared to just TEN well-written emails. In my opinion if you don’t have Autoresponder’s in place you’re lucky to still be alive.

7. The principle of the Slight Edge says: If you’re just 5% better than everyone else you get 50% more of the spoils.

8. There is no such thing as One Single Ideal marketing message, anymore than there is One Single Ideal shrub in the jungle. What you need is a toolbox of effective hooks that work with different kinds of people. That is the premise of the Swiss Army Knife.

9. Market Research is crucial. In 2004 you could afford to sling mud against the wall. Not in 2010. Ask your prospects the right 3 questions and sort the data right and your chances of success in a startup go from 5% to 50% overnight.

10. Most people now are on the defensive. They’ve shuttered their doors and windows and they’re trying to ride out the recession. That’s just slow motion suicide. Those who prevail have decided to be 21st century alchemists and every single day
they’re trying to figure out how to deliver a more awesome customer experience.

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