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Which type of guitar comes to your mind first when the subject of guitars comes up? Either you said the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar has been around much longer than the electric guitar, dating back to 1779. The electric guitar did not come into being until the 1930’s.

Countless bands and musicians have used the acoustic guitar as a staple in their repertoire. The acoustic guitar produces a sound that represents true emotion at its most raw level and all without the use of an amplifier.

Are you thinking that learning the acoustic guitar will be hard? It really isn’t. The most important thing for the beginner is picking a guitar that is well suited to their body dimensions.

Stop right there! Don’t make the mistake of borrowing an acoustic guitar from a buddy. It is worth it to own your own. It can be used or brand new, but make sure it is a good fit for you.

Find a local music store and go take a look. A good store will have several styles and sizes for you to choose from. Other ways to find an acoustic guitar are newspaper classifieds or online classifieds such as craig’s list. Always be sure the size is right.

Now that you own a good beginner acoustic guitar you need to figure out how you will learn to play it. Life’s busy schedule may make it a challenge to get started in your training so here are a some ways to get started right away:

Lessons-this is the most common and well tested way to learn the acoustic guitar. Of course you want to find a qualified guitar teacher. The benefit is that you have a coach that can work with you if you should get stuck or stop progressing. You will learn proper technique as well.

There are disadvantages of taking private guitar lessons. You will have to go to the instructors place of business at set times unless they agree to come to your house. This will definitely increase the cost. Again, lesson will be at set times that may be hard to fit into your busy schedule.

Guitar lessons purchase online-The internet is a great place to learn about pretty much any subject or skill. You can definitely find great online acoustic guitar courses. I would recommend choosing a paid service as they are usually more well suited for the beginner.

I recommend using a paid online guitar course because most are only a small one time fee to get you started learning immediately, all from home sweet home, or anywhere you have access to a computer. Feel free to use the money you saved to grab a nicer guitar when the time is right.

Thanks for reading this article. Follow these easy steps and you will be on you way to campfire stardom. I know you can do it. Just take the first step!

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