Is Seasonal Packaging Really Worth It? INFOGRAPHIC

Every holiday season, the shelves of grocery stores are stocked with food and drinks in seasonal packaging: candy, alcohol, and even Kleenex boxes get a special seasonal design for holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Companies invest a lot a money designing, producing and distributing this special holiday packaging, and it only stays on the shelves for a few weeks of the year. Why do businesses spend the money to make seasonal packaging? Does it really increase their sales enough to be worth it? Grimes Packaging Services in Jacksonville, FL have done the research to find out if seasonal packaging really is ROI driven. Check out the infographic below.

Is Seasonal Packaging Really Worth It? INFOGRAPHIC

Seasonal Packaging: The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Packaging Design

According to the research done by Grimes Packaging Company in Florida, seasonal packaging does work, but holiday packaging is not cost effective. Hershey’s Halloween packaging faux pas ate into their revenue during the most profitable time of year for the candy business because they learned the hard way that you can’t sell candy with Jack O’Lanterns on them for full price after October 31. The next year, they learned to make less candy with Halloween imagery and more with fall leaves and colors to extend the shelf life of their product. Good move!

Seasonal packaging is a good opportunity to bring in new customers and be a little creative with your brand identity, but you don’t want to go as far as Coke did in 2011 and actually confuse and irritate your customers so they aren’t sure what they’re buying. The special holiday white can Coke released for their “Arctic Home” campaign looked and even tasted too much like Diet Coke, customers complained. Coke ended the failed seasonal packaging campaign early and went back to their traditional packaging.

Craft beer and Kleenex are the surprising winners in seasonal packaging, according to the statistics found by Grimes Packaging. Consumers don’t usually associate Kleenex with summer, but Kleenex brought in new customers during their slow season with a creative summer seasonal packaging design. Small craft breweries are using inventive interactive holiday packaging to stand up to their bigger competitors, proving that even small businesses can use special packaging to increase sales and grow their business.

Do you like seasonal packaging? Would you buy a product just for its packaging design?

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