Is It Possible Rent A Car With A Debit Card?


There are several people that in United States, Europe, Canada and other locations around the world, who do not have a credit card or even have bad credit card score and are interested in renting a car. They probably have an excellent driving record and have a debit card with frequent movement of money. The question is, whether there is any possibility to rent a car with a debit card.

There are some ways you can do that and even some car rental companies accept that. I would like to show in this article the ways you can do this legally. We are not talking about illegal things; there are some car rental agencies with some controls. They can provide you not only an affordable and good service; they will be able to accept with debit cards with some conditions. One of the things you can do is gain confidence in front of the customer service agent and the Car Hire agency.

There are many ways to do it even though, it is not so easy. The most reputable car rental agencies around the world are very strict with both credit card score and driver record. If you have a debit card which is Visa or MasterCard, with a good driver record, you are more likely to be accepted in any company around the world. Its all about the projection of confidence you can provide to the car rental agency.

Let me tell you that if you have a plan for renting a car but is not so urgent, you should take your time and attempt to make a reservation because doing this, may evaluate you better and there are more chances that Car rental Company accepts you. Other things, that you can do is, once you are accepted try to renting a car without a need for it. You can do it for a whole day and at the end of the day you can return it. Repeat this at least three or four times, without the need of a car for hire. Then you will be a trusted customer by this car rental agency and you will have the opportunity for renting a car for a more extended period of time without any kind of problem. Confidence is very important for car rental companies because they are putting in your hands part of their company and there is a risk for them. We know they pay for a good insurance but the fewer claims they do, the better will be their business.

When you have a debit card or a prepaid credit card such as Visa and MasterCard you should know that names and direction should match with the information that you have in your ID, driver license and the information that is registered in the information system they have in the car rental agency. It will determine that you are not a suspecting individual that can use the services of renting a car in this car rental agency. Also you should know that age is important. It is better if you are over 28 years, if you are using a debit card.

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