Is It Easy To Develop Telepathy?


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Telepathy refers to a form of direct mind-to-mind communication between two people. Thoughts and feelings can be exchanged, using only the minds of the communicants.

The telepathic ability is one that all humans possess to some degree, but have lost the means by which to control it on a conscious level. We all experience moments of telepathic activity subconsciously from time to time. Imagine being able to control that innate ability and use it to communicate.

There is still a large amount of skepticism surrounding the use of mind powers of any degree but consider this: how many times have you been in a great mood only to meet a person who is gloomy and depressed. Within just a few minutes of talking with the miserable person, your own mood starts to reflect the same thing.

Its not the words the person is saying to you, its the transference of their emotions and feeling leaking into your own subconscious mind. This is a form of telepathy.

Studies have demonstrated that it is possible to access and activate the portion of the subconscious which is responsible for this ability. By focusing your thoughts on a specific person, you are then able to communicate with them telepathically.

Just like the use of language, telepathy has to be learned. As children, we learn spoken and body language from our parents. We learn by imitating these methods of communication; similarly, telepathy may be learned.

Most likely, telepathy is not something your parents taught you; but this doesnt mean that you cant use this ability. It only means that you havent learned how to make use of it yet.

Here are some ways to develop the telepathic abilities which all of us are born with.

Mental-Muscle training

In much the same way as young children need to learn to strengthen their voice boxes and learn to control how their mouth moves as they learn to make words, youll need to learn to strengthen and control your telepathic muscles.

The centers in your brain that control telepathic communication work most strongly on the sub-conscious level, or in the trance-like hypnotic state. This trance state is a level of relaxation all humans are capable of reaching without too much trouble.

Learn to relax your mind so that you can reach your trance state easily. When you can reach this point, youve begun to train your mind to be controlled at will.


This can be difficult for many, it takes some practice to be able to stay focused while in a trance state. Practice by focusing on someone youd like to communicate with the next time you are practicing your relaxation techniques.

Visualize this person, trying to project positive thoughts towards them. Next, visualize them receiving these thoughts. Keep focused on this until you feel that the person youre thinking of has had time to receive these thoughts.

Then withdraw your focus completely. Its important to stop the contact so the person will feel the loss of communication, which will prompt them to re-establish the connection and contact you in return.

You should begin practicing like this individually so that when you start training with a partner you will have already laid the necessary groundwork to send and receive these mental transmissions.

Partner Practice

One partner will be the sender and the other will be the receiver in this exercise. The sender should begin by projecting simple thoughts such as bright colors.

The receiver should keep a writing utensil and paper close at hand so that they can write down any communications they receive from the sender.

Afterwards, sender and receiver compare notes to assess how successful the exercise has been. Dont get discouraged; telepathy is an ability which takes practice, but you will improve over time.

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