Independence & Compromise

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When you get married or enter into another type of serious relationship the decisions you make about yourself will not also affect another person. Being independent is great and standing your ground and not always giving into your partner is a sign of that independence. I’m all for self determination, but when your decisions affect someone else some compromise is called for.

That compromise includes consulting your partner about decisions that will affect him or her. This in no way makes you weak or co-dependent. Discussing things with your partner before making a decision is just the smart thing to do.

Here are a few things you should definitely consult your sweetie about before going forward with:


Whether it’s going on or off birth control, or getting your tubes tied, any moves that affect your ability to get pregnant should definitely be discussed with the other part of your partnership. It may be your body but if you’re having intimate relations they definitely have a vested interest.

The Leftovers

You know, I wouldn’t think that my boyfriend wants to eat the last three bites of Chinese takeout from 3 days ago but the minute I throw it out? Oh man, he wants it. He wants it so badly, you would think it was golden lo mein. The bottom line: if it’s not yours, always ask before throwing it away.

Major purchases

Even if you’re stocked like a Rockefeller, it’s usually a good bet to run it by your significant other before making any big buys (cars, houses, boats, etc).

Adding to the family

Okay, that little puppy you saw at the pet store when you went to buy fish food is cute what with that heart breaking little face and all. I know how tempting that can be. And that last time you were shooting that movie and your partner was looking after the other kids and you saw that orphan that just melted your heart? Also tempting. But resist you must. Adding to your family should only be done with your partner’s okay.

Getting tattoed

With their name, anywhere on your body. This needs no further explanation, does it?

Erasing the Tivo

Thinking that he or she watched the most recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and knowing it are two different things. Do this and you’re on the fast track to World War III.

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