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We very rarely give any thought to breathing, since it’s something we all do automatically, but improving how we breathe can improve our performance in everything from our going about our daily routine to completing in professional sports. Your lungs need training just as much as any other part of your body for increased health. Many problems can arise by ignoring natural bodily functions like breathing, so it is to your health and benefit to train your lungs.

Fortunately, a person’s lung capacity and respiratory health can be improved. Those who have difficulty breathing in particular should take the time to speak with their doctor or with a respiratory therapist about their lungs. In speaking with such a professional, you may find it helpful to use the information in this article as a guideline.

Many people do not realize that the lungs detoxify 70% of the toxins in our bodies, while sweating, urination and defecation take care of the rest. Obviously lungs are very important to overall health and proper breathing techniques will help our body to be better oxygenated and this helps our cells and tissues to receive the energy needed for optimum performance. The many benefits of proper breathing include strengthening the immune system, reduction of stress, increased metabolism and it promotes feelings of relaxation and calmness.

If you’re not breathing properly, such as in staccato patterns of gasping and panting, there is the potential for harmful side effects to your well being. You might find that you’re feeling dizzy, stressed out, or unable to focus on anything but getting your next breath. You might experience a tight feeling in your chest, poor lung capacity, numbness in your extremeties, and muscle pain, among other side effects. When you don’t breathe correctly, your body’s process of detoxification is drastically reduced, and your body has trouble ridding itself of toxins, which start to build up and cause problems.

Twelve sets of respiratory muscles regulate breathing. And, like any others, these muscles can become tired or overworked, resulting in the person becoming out of breath. This occurs whenever athletes overexert themselves, and also when people tax their strength in the course of everyday activities. Breathlessness from overworked muscles is not the only matter to pay attention to, however, when considering respiratory health. Regular breathing is also controlled by these muscle groups and depends on their strong functioning.

One of the keys to increasing your performance is making sure your respiratory muscles get exercise. You can do this with the new and improved technology available in this day and age, and you only need to use it a few times a day to exercise both your inhalation and exhalation muscles.

Breathing can either be a help or a hindrance, whether you’re an athlete looking to go the extra mile or a senior who has to climb stairs to get into their house. If you don’t know how serious your respiratory problems are, talk to your doctor. In this day and age, there are several technologies available to help you improve your breathing, and therefore your overall performance.

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