Ideas for Making Your Own Custom T Shirt

Custom shirts are a perfect way to personalise any occasion. If you plan to have a family get together either at in a public park or other location, you can have t-shirts made to celebrate the event. It is a great way to show that you are all together and to provide a memento of the big event. Naturally, there are plenty of reasons to get individualized shirts. The trick is deciding when you need a personalized shirt and how to match it to the right occasion.

Knowing when to order custom t-shirts is quite easy. Custom shirts are ideal for family reunions, outings with friends, parties, advertisement and promotions, and even as hens t shirts for your hens party and guests. The thing that takes a bit more time to work out is what you need to put on the custom t-shirt so that it fits with the occasion.

Custom screen printing can individualise your t shirts in one or multiple colours and is better for larger orders perhaps needing matching t-shirts for a whole grpup, sports team, or school. It’s a very straightforward and cheap way to get quick custom printed apparel if you need large quantities and a no frills option. Suppliers will have on hand thousands of designs and ideas to help you and many also stock different styles and types of t-shirts to fit your budget.

Iron on t shirt transfers are another choice that has become hugely popular nowadays and go from a no frills DIY option you can do at home, through to professionally designed numbers. You can generate your own designs and create a very new look once you understand how to use them. For the do-it-yourself option, the process involves making a design or words with a standard programme like Microsoft Word and printing it onto special transfer paper. The transfer paper is then placed onto your garment and applied with a standard house-hold iron. You then peal back the transfer paper to show your design which has been magically applied to your clothing. While it is fairly straightforward, this process won’t suit those looking for a pro look that’s robust and can be worn over and over.

Otherwise, for the glamor-pusses among us, perhaps the the most popular type of shirt transfers today are hot fix rhinestone transfers. The process is identical but the end result is phenomenal . Rather than use ink, these transfers have real rhinestones that adhere to your clothing when the iron is applied. The hot fix rhinestones sparkle like real diamonds and are a fantastic way to turn plain clothing into glamorous looking apparel . One or two online suppliers offer the option to create your own custom design in rhinestones in a variety of colours for a tiny fee,with no requirement to leave the comfort of your own home or office.

Lilly Boyce is a writer for fashion. Her main interest is in rhinestone designs that create fashionable and cost-effective clothing using rhinestone transfers. Rhinestone transfers are a superb way to create inexpensive and glamorous clothing, perfect if you want to make your own t shirt. For more information, click through to visit blingworks today..


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