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Your reasons for wanting to write an electronic book (eBook) will have a major impact on your success. It may be for financial gain, promoting a business, advancing your career, education, self satisfaction or something entirely different. Whatever your reasons, write them down. It will help to motivate you if the going gets tough.

There are countless subjects that you can write about. Its wise to choose something you have an interest in or knowledge of. It is worthwhile spending time on this. The more you know about your subject, the easier it will be to write about.

After youve chosen your subject, youll need a title for the eBook. Its worth writing down a few different ones before deciding on the one youll use. This will help to keep your focus and may give you some other ideas. The title should give a clear indication of the content in your eBook. A catchy title may help to sell it, but remember to balance this with clarity to keep it in context.

The subject and style of your writing will determine your audience. Decide who your desired audience will be. Age, gender, culture, social background and education are factors you may want to consider. What you write should be targeted at your desired audience.

A thesis statement is a sentence or two written to clearly show the reason(s) for your eBook and what you expect to write about. Although this is referred to as a general definition, keep in mind that your actual statement should be as specific as possible.

Now that you have the foundation, you can begin writing. A standard application like MS Word is a good choice. While you are writing your document you can revise your thesis statement at any time up until it is published. This provides a good degree of flexibility. Choose the format and layout of your document, including chapters, headings and introductions. Dependent on your subject, you may wish to add photographs, anecdotes or testimonials that keep the readers attention.

You need to break up the text more than a printed book because eBooks are read from a screen. Look at various fonts and other eBooks to get an idea of what works best. Always spell check and save your eBook often. MS Word has an auto recovery program. This is good should you have a computer crash. Also, it is important to backup your work. It is advised that you keep a copy on a CD. You can put the eBook in and executable (.exe) file or a Portable Document Format (.pdf)

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