How To Use Twitter for Business

twitter for businessHow To Use Twitter for Business

A twitter account has become THE opportunity to tell the world about your business and so you need to select your twitter name very carefully.

It’s not only about connecting to people but more about getting connected to the right people. So if you have not started using this live networking site you are losing out on opportunity to build brand exposure, make better connection and starting a two-way conversation. Twitter can also help you boost search – engine optimisation through your tweets which helps you stay active and also improve your online search rank.

Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media tool for generating business, leads, traffic, sales etc. So let’s look at few easy steps to utilise twitter for your business:

1. Understanding the Twitter policy:

The most important thing to be kept in mind is getting connected to likeminded people. In order to do so the first step is to understand the twitter policy which states that you can follow up to 2000 people without a definite number of people following you. In order to achieve more followings you need to reach particular follower-to-following ratio. You can follow 10% extra followers of total of people following you. Which means if you have 10k followers you can follow 10% more which makes it 11k following

Now think of Twitter as a party where everyone is present but you know only a few people. The party is going to get awkward if you don’t introduce yourself. The introduction is possible only after you accumulate likeminded people by following the correct ones. The most effective way to do this is by creating a list of top 5 authorities in your industry and follow the people who are following them by picking up one from your list every day. TWEEPI (a management tool which helps you analyze and manage twitter followers) helps you rotate the right people and this helps you post relevant content to relevant people and you accumulate 20 – 40 followers in the first few days.

2. What to post and how frequently to post:

The second important thing to be kept in mind is to maintain the frequency of tweets which should be at least 10-12 times per day. The more you tweet the better it is. Most people get confused between the ratios of content to promotion to be posted.

The main focus should be on four different categories of content namely:-

– Internal content: which (is) included your blog or website content.

– External content: These include third party articles that you recommend to your followers. This content shows that you don’t post only about yourself but also on relevant subject.

– Promotional content: This content focuses on the offers, services or products of your company. They mainly help you generate leads for your sales.

– Inspirational content: They mainly include quotes. They are the super easy way to impress your followers and provided variety in the content published. These are the ones which gets you the maximum number of retweets, favorites and followers more than anything else.

3. Optimisation of Twitter for sales:

The ultimate aim is to generate sales for which the most important section to be focused is the bio section. When people follow you the first thing they look at is who are you, what you do and how can they contact you. A three second look at your twitter page should be able to explain all these three things. A one word statement followed by a link to your website or blog works best.

The bio on Twitter is public and open to search. So always remember to use content that is relevant to your business in your bio. Along with this an auto- Direct Message also helps to capitalize on sales. Remember to keep the auto direct message short, personalised and avoid sending links.

A good check on these factors can prove to be a great source of utilization of Twitter for your business. Twitter is one channel which gives you a clear idea about what your target market is talking about and if it is utilized correctly it can help you drive business and traffic.

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