How To Market A Product Like A Service

Product ServiceHow To Market A Product Like A Service

Products are visible and tangible, their purpose is clear and their benefits are easy to evaluate. Services, on the other hand, are more elusive and therefore more challenging for traditional marketing methods. Why, then, should you try to sell products as if they were services? Because you want customers to think of your company as more than an assembly line.

You want customers to see your brand as an integral part of their life.

Let’s have a look at how you can implement this marketing strategy practically and you’ll get a clear sense of its benefits:

Share Your Vision

Tell your customers the story behind your company and your philosophy as a business owner. Share with them how your business helps you realise your aspirations. In this form of presentation, your products transform from mere objects into dreams come true.
By showing the passion and the drive that motivated your venture, you make your customers a part of your journey and invite them to develop a deeper connection to your product.

Show the Human Side of Your Product

One very strong advantage that service-based brands have is that they are performed by humans, making them capable of communicating in a way that products can’t. But products can still have a “human face” associated with them. After all, they are used, made and sold by people!

It is your job to emphasize this human connection in your marketing efforts: integrate people into your advertising materials; introduce the people behind the brand on your site (like Wix does here); give shout outs to your customers on social media. Remember that customers, like all human beings, are social animals.

Work with Testimonials

When real customers review your product, they are ultimately describing its functionality and its impact. In other words, they are describing what kind of service the product has given them and how satisfied they were with it. In an economy where customers have many channels to express their opinions, a positive account of their interaction with your product is as beneficial as paid advertising, if not more.

We recommend that you be pro-active with testimonials and reviews by soliciting them from existing customers and engaging with reviewers on various platforms. By showing your customers that their opinion matters to you, you extend your relationship beyond the selling of a product. You become a caring service provider.

Emphasize Long Term Effects

Service-based businesses have the appeal of long-term desired results that many products lack. To be extra persuasive in your marketing strategy, you need to demonstrate that the purchase of your product provides more than just an immediate gratification. Storytelling here is again a great technique. Find a way to tell potential customers the story of how their lives will improve if they get a hold of your product.

How do you illustrate the long-term effects of something like a lamp, for example? One direction you can take is to show how your lamp fits into the customers’ home decor just right. It’s not only a functional tool – with its beautiful design, and the way it spreads light in the space, it’s perfect for creating a cozy and friendly environment. This environment, this state of mind, is the long-term effect you are selling.

Sell Experiences, Not Goods

When you’re promoting your product, you want to generate the notion that it is more than just an object or a piece of commodity. A shiny new Porsche car is indeed a beautiful object, but it represents so much more than that – the experience of luxury, a refined style, a social status.

Good marketing takes into account not just the materiality of the product that it is selling but also the meaning that it bears. Consider all the different positive experiences that your product can create for your customer base and let these experiences guide your marketing strategy.

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