How To Make Cheap Beer At Home


Are you thinking about making your own beer in the comfort of your home, but you are afraid of the cost that might be involved? Maybe you consider the microbreweries in your area, and ponder the immense machines utilized to brew and store the beer. “Unquestionably they spent a fortune purchasing that apparatus,” you think.

The good news is, you do not need to avail yourself of fixtures such as what the pros use to make a really good ale. You may have to invest in a couple of minor pieces, but it will be well worthwhile as soon as you find out how much money you will be saving by making your own beer.

Beer is normally made up of somewhat inexpensive components to begin with, so buying the best will not hurt your pocketbook as much as you might believe. Don’t waste your time with beer brewing ingredients that aren’t fresh. Your brew will likely disappoint you if you do.

Interestingly, the most affordable method to brew beer also offers you the best results. All-grain brewing is the most inexpensive way to brew when grain is bought in bulk. You must have a mash tun and a grain mill, so there’s a small outlay for the essential gear. However, you should have the ability to make great quality brew for under $2 a gallon, and you can brew a mild ale for around $1 per gallon, or below 10 cents a bottle.

An additional way to lessen the cost of your beer is by raising your own hops. Or you could use the leftover fermenter yeast a few times over. Some folks who ferment their own beer pour a batch on top of the yeast cake left from the prior batch. Then they pump the yeast cake from the primary fermenter into bottles and collect it in the fridge. This is very easy to do, and means that you only have to shop for yeast a couple of times a year. So all that’s left to shop for is the grain, which is something like 70 cents a pound when you buy it in volume. People who make their own beer normally use in the range of eight to ten pounds of grain for each 5 gallon batch.

Making your own beer is indeed possible. The great news is that it can be both a fun and low-cost job, and you won’t have to go beyond your budget in order to produce a beer that you can enjoy. Remember that beer is made from economical ingredients, and then choose to purchase the finest ingredients you can get. After all, your beer will only be as fine as the ingredients that you brew it with.

More and more people are becoming interested in learning how to brew beer at home. You can learn more about the basics of beer making at Beer Brewing Supplies.

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