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I find that suncatchers are a charming item and people always seem to admire them. They can be made in endless ways and with different items. Stained glass appears to be in great demand, but they are quite often made from plastic sheeting, which I am about to explain for novices. These items are so artistic yet often so very easy to make yourself and you will find that old and young people alike, really appreciate them!

One advantage with these is that they are fascinating in the way that they catch the light and, of course, the places you can actually hang them is endless. Your hallway, bedroom window, outside, wherever you like. It is easy to recognise why they might be popular!

So, let us start and this one is meant for a window! And here is a list of what you will need to make this. A roll of lead tape, a paintbrush, a hook of the rubber suction kind, 1x2cm of string in length, water pot, glass paints and thinner and a tube of glass outliner. On top of this you will also need an A5 size acrylic sheet and a pattern to work from.

If you do not want to use your own design I am sure that they must be readily available in most art suppliers, but it is more personal if you design your own.

Where do I start on this? First take the film off the plastic sheet. Then you need to cut a length of the lead taping. Next you peel the back off this and continue by sticking this all along the edges of your sheet of acrylic.

Of course we need something to hang this by, so we need a hook. For this you will require your string and a piece about 4cm long of your lead tape. You take the string and place this inside the tape, leaving it open at the end. Then you can go ahead and stick this to one of your edges on the sheet to make this hook to hang it from.

What next? Well, let us move on to our design. This has to be put under your acrylic sheet. Then take your tube of outliner and draw your design on to the top of your sheet. Now you must leave it to dry.

Once this is dry you can take your glass paints and start to fill in your design. You will find that these take a while to dry, so it is probably better to leave them to dry overnight. When glass paints with solvent in them have been used, it is advisable to rinse and clean your brushes with the thinner.

It is a possibility that you may have been using a water based paint with this so you only need to rinse and clean your brush with water. Now you need to hang your suncatcher where you can admire it and get endless pleasure from seeing the light captured by it. Take your rubber suction hook to the window and stick it to the glass. Hang your work of art on it and, once you have made one, what is there to stop you doing more!

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  3. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it. It is extremely helpful for me.

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