How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Dieting is boring, and it doesn’t usually work long term. But with Christmas just around the corner, what can you do to ensure you enter the festive period, having lost weight in advance?

Follow these 5 steps and you could easily lose an effortless 7llbs before hostilities (sorry, festivities) start in earnest:

Eat slower. Research shows that fast eaters weigh on average a stone more than slow eaters. Why? Because they consume more calories by not giving their ‘I’m full’ mechanism time to kick in.

Drink from the right glass. The wider the glass, the more liquid we put in it. So drink water from wide glasses and calorie-laden alcohol from narrow ones.

Eat In quiet places. Research shows that the noisier the environment, the faster (and hence more) you eat.

Don’t eat at parties. Party food is largely unhealthy, but there’s another reason. Eating in a crowd at a party, kick-starts your in-built survival mechanism which compels you to eat as much as you can before everyone else snaffles it.

Keep snacks beyond arms length. A recent study showed that when office workers have to walk just two metres away from their desk to eat chocolate, they eat less than 20% of the amount they eat if it’s on their desk.


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