How to Lead a Minimalist life

Minimalist Interior. Ref:

Minimalist Interior. Ref:

Who could blame anyone for wanting to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, most especially those that we have come up against during the really tough recession of the last year? Whilst we may count ourselves as being very sophisticated when it comes to our standards of living and our methods of communication, we should also realize that we are very vulnerable and have, in large part, created the particularly thorny bed that we find ourselves now having to sleep in!

Many people think about trading the comfort of our current existence in for a minimalist life of some kind. Modern day requirements seem to cause more problems and we can often feel confused and lacking in direction. At these times, if we admit to it, we often want to make some fundamental changes and try and lead a simpler existence.

Take stock of the situation that you are in and look at your surroundings. When you are planning to convert to a minimalist life you should consider what you absolutely have to have and what you can do without. A majority of the items in your house are not used on a day-to-day basis and most could even be packed up and put in storage, or even sold or given to charity.

When you start leading a minimalist life, you will soon come to the realization that you never did need most of the items you thought were essential. As they say, less is more.

It is time to take stock of the people around you and this is one of the most difficult tasks you face when getting ready to convert to a minimalist life. Tangible objects are one thing, but the principles may be far more difficult when it comes to emotions and relationships. Now you need to focus on quality rather than quantity and cut off any relationships which are not contributing to your financial, mental or emotional well-being. Remember that you can count the number of real friends that you have on the fingers of one hand.

A minimalist life should not be one of hardship as you chose to take this route to improve your overall situation. You should know that there are products and services specifically designed for you and you should make sure that the essentials you have around you are established with this in mind.

Emergencies can come at any time and you must protect yourself even if you are living a minimalist life. Pick up one of the first aid kits that are specifically designed for your lifestyle and this will see you through any eventuality.

You will need to take stock of your self after several months living a minimalist life. You will need to compare this to your previous existence and whereas the transition might be difficult at times, what do you really feel after several months have gone by. Is this for you?

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