How To Handle Yourself When Golf Dating

Golfing on your own takes all the fun out of the sport. Both competing professionals and those just getting started like to have others with them while they play. One option is to let your course make you part of a foursome and hit the course, but another is to let friends or a service get you involved with golf dating. If you’re single and interested, try to remember these points.

Ask your friends for background information or look at your date’s profile through a service before you just randomly meet up to play. You want to be familiar with them to see if they’re at about the same skill level as you, and if they’re looking for the same things. Call them on the phone, send them an e-mail, or even make plans to meet them for coffee so you can get to know them better.

You need to relax when heading out on the date. Yes, the games will make things even more stressful, but there are things you can do to prepare. Wear typical golf clothes, albeit maybe a bit nicer ones than usual. Set your equipment out before you go so as not to be left searching for it, and arrive early so you can run through everything once more.

If you get too focused on the game, your date will feel as though you’re ignoring them. Be sure to have a conversation with them while you play. One good topic is to discuss both of your playing styles with each other. You could even learn a few things. Still, don’t get so caught up in this point that you hold up other players. Find a balance.

Your friends aren’t going to care when you start ranting over a bad move, but to your date it can come off as immature. The game will be over soon enough, so don’t let it ruin your day or what could possibly lead to a lifetime relationship. If you laugh at your mistakes, you will be able to let them go and allow you both to have a lot more fun.

Know your limits. Trying to put on a show of strength in not getting a golf cart you need will only backfire later when you are huffing and puffing. Also be sure not to exaggerate your skills before you start playing. It’s going to become obvious very quickly if you can’t do everything you said you could. Besides being embarrassing, it makes you look arrogant.

Even if a potential romance seems doomed to failure, have fun. Just because your date didn’t turn out to be a lifetime partner doesn’t mean they can’t be someone you can golf with in the future. Of course, sometimes there won’t be any chemistry whatsoever. In this case, shrug your shoulders and tell yourself that you had time to practice and talk a bit.

When the game is over, let it go, no matter whether you won or lost. If you do think you could have a future with your golf date, take them out later and worry about the things that really matter.

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