How to Feed Koi Fish

Koi has 13 varieties and three types that are the most popular. The Kohakuis a white fish with a red pattern. The Toisho Sanke is white with a red and black pattern. The Showa Sanke is black with a red and white pattern.

Koi fish don’t have a stomach so they rely on their teeth and chewing as a starting point for digestion. It is best to buy food specific for koi. Floating pellets are great for ponds because you can skim anything they don’t eat with a net.

Koi can grow to be 3 feet in length and live for 50-60 years! It is important to have a pond large enough for these fish to grow.

Koi are so large that it is impossible to bring them inside during the colder months. As long as there is a hole in the ice for oxygen they will be okay in the pond during the winter.

When it starts getting cold change your food to something that is rich in wheat germ. This helps digestion when they are not as active.

As the water temperature and activity of the koi decreases, you need to start decreasing their food. When the temperature gets below 50 degrees stop feeding them. As the water starts to warm again to about 60 degrees you can start feeding them a little once a day. Continue to increase food as the water begins to warm.

Koi are not your average boring fish. Did you know you can actually teach them tricks!

Feed your koi twice a day for adults and even more for young koi. Give them only as much as they can eat in 5 minutes. Don’t overfeed them. Try to feed them in the same area of the pond every time you feed them.

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